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List of tracks by YOU ME AT SIX:

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-Always Attract
-Liquid Confidence
-Trophy Eyes
-The Liar And The Lighter
-Save It For The Bedroom
-Stay With Me
-The Consequence
-My Head Is A Prison And Nobody Visits
-There's No Such Thing As Accidental Infidelity
-Contagious Chemistry
-Playing The Blame Game
-Sweet Feet
-Safer To Hate Her
-The Rumour
-Knew It Was You
-Take Your Breath Away
-Jealous Minds Think Alike
-The Truth Is A Terrible Thing
-The Swarm
-Tigers And Sharks
-This Turbulence Is Beautiful
-Kiss And Tell
-Promise, Promise
-Poker Face
-Take Off Your Colours
-Call That A Comeback
-New Jersey
-Blue Eyes Don't Lie
-Nasty Habits
-No One Does It Better
-You've Made Your Bed
-Finders Keepers
-Forgive And Forget
-Bite My Tongue
-Room To Breathe
-Win Some, Lose Some
-If I Were In Your Shoes
-If You Run
-All Your Fault

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