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List of tracks by UNDEROATH:

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-It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door
-Reinventing Your Exit
-A Boy Brushed Red...Living In Black & White
-Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape
-Young & Aspiring
-Down, Set, Go!
-I'm Content With Losing
-Angel Below
-I've Got 10 Friends & A Crowbar That Says You Ain't Gonna Do Jack
-Writing On The Walls
-Alone In December
-The Changing Of Times
-814 Stops Today
-The Best Of Me
-When The Sun Sleeps
-The Impact Of Reason
-To Whom It May Concern
-Casting Such A Thin Shadow
-Letting Go Of Tonight
-Moving For The Sake Of Motion
-A Moment Suspended In Time
-Short Of Daybreak
-In Regards To Myself (Radio Single)
-Burden In Your Hands
-There Could Be Nothing After This
-Young And Aspiring
-Catch Myself Catching Myself
-A Boy Brushed Red.. Living In
-Innocence Stolen
-Everyone Looks So Good From Here
-Never Meant To Break Your Heart
-A Message For Adrrienne
-Returning Empty Handed
-I Don't Feel Very Receptive Today

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