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List of tracks by TOOL:

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tracks by popularity (sort alphabetical instead)

-Forty Six & 2
-Third Eye (intro)
-Swamp Song
-Crawl Away
-Message to Harry Manback II
-Die Eier Von Satan
-Ticks & Leeches
-Prison Sex
-Hooker With A Penis
-Rosetta Stoned
-Pushit (intro)
-4 Degrees
-The Grudge
-Eon Blue Apocalypse
-Cesaro Summability
-Cold And Ugly
-You Lied
-Viginti Tres
-Muhammad My Friend
-Faaip De Oiad
-Maynard's Dick
-Demon Cleaner
-10,000 Days (Wings Pt. 2)
-Wings For Marie (Pt. 1)
-Lost Keys
-Part Of Me
-No Quarter
-The Patient
-Right In Two
-(-) Ions
-Calling Dr. Love
-The Pot
-The Gaping Lotus Experience
-Ticks And Leeches

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