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List of tracks by THE SPILL CANVAS:

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-Our Song
-Polygraph, Right Now
-Teleport: A & B
-All Hail The Heartbreaker
-Sunsets And Car Crashes
-10,000 Midnights
-Black Dresses
-Crash Course
-This Is For Keeps
-Secret Oath
-Good Graces, Bad Influence
-Gold Dust Woman
-Reckless Abandonment
-Let Go
-Lust A Prima Vista
-The Tide
-The Truth
-Break A Leg
-Black Dresses In The Dirt
-Dust Storm
-Parallels And Money
-Charcoal Gray Above
-Whiskey Dream Kathleen
-Lay It On Me
-All Over You
-Dutch Courage
-Don't Let Your Enemies Become Friends
-If I Could Write It In Blood
-The Season
-Gateway Drug
-Catch The Wind
-Appreciation And The Bomb
-Bound To Happen
-Connect The Dots
-One Thing Is For Sure
-The Night Will Go As Follows
-Bleed, Everyone's Doing It
-Your Evil Soul
-Drunken Ballerina Waltz
-Under The Covers
-To Live Without It
-Himerus And Eros
-Hush Hush
-Low Fidelity
-Catching Sparks
-Natalie Marie And 1cc
-So Much
-Burning Up
-Aim Snap Fall

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