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List of tracks by THE KINKS:

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-You Really Got Me
-Come Dancing
-Celluloid Heroes
-Living On A Thin Line
-Sunny Afternoon
-Catch Me Now I'm Falling
-Waterloo Sunset
-A Rock 'N Roll Fantasy
-Tired Of Waiting For You
-Till The End Of The Day
-I'm Not Like Everybody Else
-A Well Respected Man
-Nothing In This World Can Stop Me From Worryin' Bout That Girl
-There's A Change In The Weather
-Never Met A Girl Like You Before
-Nobody Gives
-This Time Tomorrow
-Sitting In The Midday Sun
-Sweet Lady Genevieve
-Love Me Till The Sun Shines
-Apeman - (Live)
-Set Me Free
-Skin & Bone
-Mr. Wonderful
-Big Sky
-Lost And Found
-Yes Sir, No Sir
-She's Bought A Hat Like Princess Marina
-Nothin' In The World Can Stop Me From Worrying 'bout My Baby
-I Need You
-See My Friend
-The Informer
-Who'll Be The Next In Line
-All Day And All Of The Night
-Shepherds Of The Nation
-Johnny Thunder
-You Don't Know My Name
-David Watts
-The Hard Way
-Autumn Almanac
-Mr. Pleasant
-Animal Farm
-Where Are They Now?
-Phenomenal Cat
-Get Back In Line
-Scum Of The Earth
-Susannah's Still Alive
-Hatred (A Duet)
-Wall Of Fire
-Do You Remember Walter
-Uncle Son
-Hot Potatoes
-Unreal Reality
-Village Green
-The Moneygoround
-It's Alright (Don't Think About It)
-Tin Soldier Man
-Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues
-Preservation (Single)
-Ring The Bells
-Dead End Street
-Holiday In Waikiki
-Dedicated Follower Of Fashion - Alternate Take
-It's Too Late
-Wicked Annabella
-Supersonic Rocket Ship
-Sitting On My Sofa
-Mr. Churchill Says
-Too Much On My Mind
-Session Man
-The Video Shop
-Don't You Fret
-Something Better Beginning
-You Shouldn't Be Sad
-Working At The Factory
-The Contenders
-Afternoon Tea
-Underneath The Neon Sign - (Live)
-Harry Rag
-He's Evil
-End Of The Season
-Funny Face
-Where Have All The Good Times Gone
-All Of My Friends Were There
-Picture Book
-Got My Feet On The Ground
-Dancing In The Street
-The World Keeps Going Round
-Mirror Of Love
-Here Comes Flash
-House In The Country
-The Village Green Preservation Society
-Give The People What They Want
-Have A Cuppa Tea
-Baby Face
-Here Comes Yet Another Day
-I'll Remember
-Think Visual
-Most Exclusive Residence For Sale
-Last Of The Steam-Powered Trains
-Second-Hand Car Spiv
-No Return
-I'm On An Island
-What's In Store For Me
-Such A Shame
-Party Line
-People Take Pictures Of Each Other
-Situation Vacant
-So Long
-Lazy Old Sun (Alt. Stereo Take)
-Drift Away
-One Of The Survivors
-Holloway Jail
-Somebody Stole My Car
-Nothing To Say
-Flash's Dream (The Final Elbow)
-I Gotta Move
-Banana Boat Song (Trad.)
-Little Miss Queen Of Darkness
-Young And Innocent Days
-To The Bone
-Denmark Street
-I Am Free
-Come On Now - (Mono)
-Got To Be Free
-Two Sisters
-Don't Ever Change
-20th Century Man
-Oklahoma U.S.A.
-Naggin' Woman
-Sitting By The Riverside
-Muswell Hillbillies
-Milk Cow Blues
-Introduction To Solution
-Rosie Won't You Please Come Home
-Still Searching
-Look A Little On The Sunnyside
-Complicated Life
-Here Come The People In Grey
-You Can't Win
-Over The Edge
-Wait Till The Summer Comes Along
-Look For Me Baby
-Everybody's Gonna Be Happy
-Maximum Consumption
-Only A Dream
-U. K. Jive
-Welcome To Sleazy Town
-You're Lookin' Fine
-When I See That Girl Of Mine
-Massive Reductions
-Money Talks
-Permanent Waves
-Now And Then
-Get Up
-How Do I Get Close

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