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List of tracks by SOCIAL DISTORTION:

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-Ball And Chain
-Story Of My Life (Single Version)
-Don't Drag Me Down
-Ring Of Fire
-Bad Luck
-99 To Life
-When The Angels Sing
-Sick Boys
-King Of Fools
-So Far Away
-I Was Wrong
-Born To Lose
-Through These Eyes
-Cold Feelings
-Bye Bye Baby
-I Want What I Want
-Telling Them
-The Creeps
-Ghost Town Blues
-Dear Lover
-Pleasure Seeker
-Drug Train
-Sometimes I Do
-No Pain No Gain
-Down Here (W/The Rest Of Us)
-Like An Outlaw
-Backstreet Girl
-Social Distortion
-Gimme The Sweet And Lowdown
-Another State Of Mind
-When She Begins
-Reach For The Sky
-Crown Of Thorns
-Footprints On My Ceiling
-Writing On The Wall
-Machine Gun Blues
-Mommy's Little Monster
-Gotta Know The Rules
-Diamond In The Rough
-Down On The World Again
-Making Believe
-Justice For All
-Winners And Losers
-All The Answers
-Mass Hysteria
-Don't Keep Me Hanging On
-Don't Take Me For Granted
-California (Hustle And Flow)
-Prison Bound
-Lost & Found
-Angel's Wings
-Nickels And Dimes
-Under My Thumb
-Alone And Forsaken
-I Won't Run No More
-Take Care Of Yourself
-Moral Threat
-Let It Be Me
-Far Side Of Nowhere
-Far Behind
-This Time Darlin'
-(The Ballad Of) Bonnie And Clyde
-Hour Of Darkness
-Still Alive
-Can't Hide
-The Creeps (I Just Wanna Give You)
-Death Or Glory
-Dope Fiend Blues
-Like You've Never Done Before
-Lonesome Train
-It Coulda Been Me
-Can't Take It With You
-It's All Over Now
-Lost Child
-It's The Law
-She's A Knockout
-Don't Think Twice
-It Wasn't A Pretty Picture
-Love Me Tonight
-I Wasn't Born To Follow
-Shame On Me
-Live Before You Die
-I'm In Love With My Car
-Highway 101
-Lude Boy
-Wanted Man
-A Place In My Heart
-Got Nothin' Coming
-Like An Outlaw (For You)
-Pretty In Pink
-On My Nerves
-This Time Darling

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