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List of tracks by METALLICA:

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-Whiskey In The Jar
-The Unforgiven
-No Leaf Clover
-One (Live)
-The Unforgiven II
-I Disappear
-Enter Sandman
-The Memory Remains
-So What (Clean Version)
-Wherever I May Roam
-Devil's Dance
-To Live Is To Die
-Mama Said
-Creeping Death
-Nothing Else Matters
-Harvester Of Sorrow
-The Shortest Straw
-Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
-Sweet Amber
-My World
-Ain't My Bitch
-Master Of Puppets
-The Thing That Should Not Be (Live)
-Until It Sleeps
-Fade To Black
-The Struggle Within
-Orion (Instrumental)
-Eye Of The Beholder
-Turn The Page
-To Hell And Back
-It's Electric
-The Call Of Ktulu
-Dirty Window
-Bleeding Me
-Last Caress/Green Hell
-Outlaw Torn
-Low Man's Lyric
-Where The Wild Things Are
-Damage, Inc. (Live)
-King Nothing
-Rebel Of Babylon
-Sabbra Cadabra
-Hero Of The Day
-Leper Messiah (Live)
-All Within My Hands
-Through The Never
-Thorn Within
-The Day That Never Comes
-St. Anger
-Tuesday's Gone
-Carpe Diem Baby
-Disposable Heroes
-2 X 4
-The Judas Kiss
-The Four Horsemen (Live)
-Ride The Lightning (Live)
-The Frayed Ends Of Sanity
-Dyers Eve
-Stone Cold Crazy
-...And Justice For All (Live)
-My Friend Of Misery
-Of Wolf And Man
-Hit The Lights (Live)
-Prince Charming
-Invisible Kid
-Metal Militia
-Am I Evil?
-For Whom The Bell Tolls (Live)
-All Nightmare Long
-Stone Dead Forever
-Sad But True
-Trapped Under Ice
-Don't Tread On Me
-The Unforgiven III
-The God That Failed
-Too Late Too Late
-Poor Twisted Me
-Battery (Live)
-Just A Bullet Away
-Wasting My Hate
-Jump In The Fire
-That Was Just Your Life
-The End Of The Line
-Killing Time
-Bad Seed
-Holier Than Thou
-Shoot Me Again
-Die Die My Darling
-53rd & 3rd
-On The Road Again
-Free Speech For The Dumb
-Unnamed Feeling
-Some Kind Of Monster
-Crash Course In Brain Surgery
-The Wait
-Better Than You
-The Small Hours
-Motorbreath (Live)
-No Remorse
-Seek & Destroy
-Phantom Lord
-The More I See
-The Unnamed Feeling
-Hate Train
-Broken, Beat & Scarred
-The House Jack Built
-Fight Fire With Fire
-The Outlaw Torn
-Unforgiven 2
-Lords Of Summer
-The Prince
-My Apocalypse
-We Did It Again
-For Whom The Bell Tolls

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