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List of tracks by DAVID WILCOX:

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-Let Them In
-Daddy's Money - (Live)
-Show The Way
-Farthest Shore
-Someday Soon
-Eye Of The Hurricane
-Jamie's Secret
-Missing You
-Start With The Ending
-Hold It Up To The Light
-She's Just Dancing
-Rusty Old American Dream
-It's The Same Old Song
-Blow 'em Away
-Waffle House
-Top Of The Roller Coaster
-Burgundy Heart-Shaped Medallion
-Johnny's Camaro
-How Did You Find Me Here?
-Make It Look Easy
-Frozen In The Snow
-Good Together
-Words Alone
-Secret Church
-High Hill
-East Asheville Hardware
-Come Away To Sea
-Silent Prayer
-Boob Job
-Covert War
-Big Mistake
-The Kid
-Rule Number One
-Do I Dare
-That's Why I'm Laughing
-Get It Out Of The Way
-Leave It Like It Is
-Wildberry Pie
-Please Don't Call
-Young Man Dies
-This Tattoo
-In The Broken Places
-Break In The Cup
-Strong Chemistry
-Block Dog
-Last Chance Waltz
-Farther To Fall
-After Your Orgasm
-Tattered Old Kite
-Guitar Shopping
-The Nightshift Watchman
-The Terminal Tavern
-Blue Horizon
-Catch Me If I Try
-Slipping Through My Fist
-Common As The Rain
-All My Life
-Levi Blues
-Mighty Ocean
-Down Here
-Guilty Either Way
-New World
-Distant Water
-For Real
-Home Within Your Heart
-In This Stream
-Prisoner Of War
-On To The Next
-No Far Away
-Spirit Wind
-Show Me The Key
-On Your Way Back Down
-Native Tongue
-Step Into Your Skin
-The Whisper Of The Wheels
-Sex And Music
-Never Enough
-Golden Day
-Top Of My Head
-Golden Key
-It's Almost Time
-Just A Vehicle
-When You're Ready
-That's What The Lonely Is For
-Turning Point
-Gone To Santa Fe
-What You Whispered
-Sunshine On The Land
-You Should See The Way It Feels
-Ask For More
-Last One Gone
-Apple A Day
-Down Inside Yourself
-Out Of The Question
-Roadside Art
-Human Cannonball
-Language Of The Heart
-Fall Away
-Fearless Love
-Radio Men
-Deeper Still
-If It Wasn't For The Night
-All The Roots Grow Deeper When It's Dry
-Western Ridge
-Right Now
-City Of Dreams
-Advertising Man
-The Inside Of My Head

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