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List of tracks by DC TALK:

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tracks by popularity (sort alphabetical instead)

-Jesus Freak
-What If I Stumble
-Jesus Is Just Alright
-In The Light
-Colored People
-Between You And Me
-My Will
-Consume Me
-I Wish We'd All Been Ready
-So Help Me God
-The Hardway
-He Loves Me
-Alas My Love (Poem) (Jesus Freak 10th Anniversary Version) (2006 Digital Remaster)
-Just Between You And Me
-It's The End Of The World As We Know It
-Godsend (Supernatural Album Version)
-Time Is...
-It's Killing Me (Supernatural Album Version)
-There Is A Treason At Sea (Supernatural Album Version)
-Free At Last
-Since I Met You (Supernatural Album Version)
-I Don't Want It
-Mind's Eye
-Say The Words (Now)
-Mrs. Morgan
-Socially Acceptable
-Spirit In The Sky
-Dive (Supernatural Album Version)
-Luv Is A Verb
-40 Live
-Voices Praise Him
-Nu Thang
-The Truth (Supernatural Album Version)
-Help! (Welcome To The Freakshow Album Version)
-Lean On Me
-All You Got
-2 Honks & A Negro
-Into Jesus (Supernatural Album Version)
-Word 2 The Father
-Red Letters (Supernatural Album Version)
-Fearless (Supernatural Album Version)
-Wanna Be Loved (Supernatural Album Version)
-My Friend (So Long) (Supernatural Album Version)
-No More
-Intro (Supernatural) (Supernatural Album Version)
-Like It, Love It, Need It
-The King (Allelujah)
-Fly Like An Eagle
-Sugarcoat It
-Mr. Morgan (Act I)
-That Kinda Girl
-Children Can Live (Without It)
-Gah Ta Be
-Somebody's Watching
-Talk It Out
-Day By Day
-I Luv Rap Music
-When DC Talks
-Things Of This World
-He Works
-Return Of The Singer
-Take It To The Lord
-Final Days
-Will Power
-Can I Get A Witness
-Time Ta Jam
-Spinnin' Round
-Extreme Days

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