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List of tracks by CROWBAR:

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-Oh What A Feeling
-Like Broken Glass
-The Lasting Dose
-Planets Collide
-Fall Back To Zero
-(Can't) Turn Away From Dying
-To Touch The Hand Of God
-Coming Down
-New Dawn
-The Innocent
-A Breed Apart
-Odd Fellows Rest
-Slave No More
-To Build A Mountain
-Empty Room
-I Despise
-Burn Your World
-Holding Something
-To Carry The Load
-Waiting In Silence
-Down Into The Rotting Earth
-Dream Weaver
-I Feel The Burning Sun
-Glass Full Of Liquid Pain
-Feeding Fear
-Angel's Wings
-Suffering Brings Wisdom
-Behind The Black Horizon
-Dead Sun
-Things You Can't Understand
-New Man Born
-Failure To Delay Gratification
-On Frozen Ground
-Counting Daze
-Buried Once Again
-The Violent Reaction
-House Of Blue Lights
-Four Walls
-My Agony
-It Pours From Me
-I Am Forever
-It's All In The Gravity
-Above, Below And Inbetween
-Reborn Thru Me
-Scattered Pieces Lay
-Remember Tomorrow - (Bonus Track)
-December's Spawn
-Command Of Myself
-Euphoria Minus One
-Thru The Ashes (I've Watched You Burn)
-You Know (I'll Live Again)

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