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by Anonymous Human(Karma: 0)(user for 5 months)

Re: Remember The Future Part 2 - Nektar | talk about: Remember The Future Part 2...
How uniform dating scammer conned west Norfolk man out of
The immigration papers Dave Hazel was sent by the fraudster's 'solicitor'. shot: dork Hazel
steve Hazel, 59, that has lived in King's Lynn for 20 years, Thought he had found love but today he is coping with the intricate con, Which he said "Took my entire life away,
Mr Hazel has worked at M S Softwood on Estuary Road going back 10 years, Began speaking to the woman back in 2013 after hot latin women he thought a dating profile picture resembled someone he met while london.
"She said terrible remember meeting me in London, he explained, "So i think overall it must be genuine. We swapped emails and phone numbers, We got on very well,
Dave Hazel was conned off 15,000 by an internet dating scammer. photo: gaga Hazel
after a while it transpired that the fraudster did not live in London, She been around in Ghana. She begged Mr Hazel for money for a plane ticket to come over to see him.
read more: Police provide tips to avoid romance fraud after victims lost 50m last year
Mr Hazel talked about: "I sent her some cash and she sent me a picture of her plane ticket. I was so happy and turned on,
as well as, The night before she was due to arrive, Mr Hazel got a telephone call saying the woman had been arrested because she did not have the right paperwork.
Mr Hazel spoke with someone he thought was the scammer's lawyer, Who confirmed she needed money for the appropriate immigration papers and even emailed a photo of the papers to him. grudgingly, Mr Hazel sent the amount of money.
all of the employees at Mr Hazel's local bank noticed an error in the paperwork when shown by Mr Hazel and contacted the police. regretably, Both the police and the bank have be unable to trace the money, Saying it would be impossible to do so.
Mr Hazel said: "Please be careful and don't part with any money, It's not worth the money. If folk have, just stop, Contact law enforcement, Get it sorted and don't be ashamed because no one knows these days with modern tools what's happening.

by anonymous human | | 5 months ago

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