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-Unrighteous lyrics ~by~ Ruth B
-Living It Up lyrics ~by~ Baeza
-Mixed Signals lyrics ~by~ Ruth B
-World War 3 lyrics ~by~ Ruth B
-Young lyrics ~by~ Ruth B
-Ungrateful lyrics ~by~ Baeza
-Had A Dream lyrics ~by~ Baeza
-Superficial Love lyrics ~by~ Ruth B
-Villiviini lyrics ~by~ Ultra Bra
-Hyenas lyrics ~by~ Bankroll Fresh
-We Doin It lyrics ~by~ Bankroll Fresh
-Truth Be Told lyrics ~by~ Bankroll Fresh
-Smoke Tree lyrics ~by~ Bankroll Fresh
-Don't Do It lyrics ~by~ Nasty C
-Overload lyrics ~by~ Nasty C
-Always Countin' lyrics ~by~ Ilovemakonnen
-No Features lyrics ~by~ Ilovemakonnen
-She Don't Call No More lyrics ~by~ Ilovemakonnen
-Demons lyrics ~by~ Joji (pink Guy)
-Pills lyrics ~by~ Joji (pink Guy)
-Came From Nothin' lyrics ~by~ Ilovemakonnen
-Will He lyrics ~by~ Joji (pink Guy)
-Bitter Fuck lyrics ~by~ Joji (pink Guy)
-Make You Feel Good lyrics ~by~ Fetty Wap
-Way You Are lyrics ~by~ Fetty Wap
-Better lyrics ~by~ Fetty Wap
-Like A Star lyrics ~by~ Fetty Wap
-Aye lyrics ~by~ Fetty Wap
-Downtown lyrics ~by~ Lil Peep
-Benz Truck lyrics ~by~ Lil Peep
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