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omg music + lyrics lol
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-Duck Duck Goose lyrics ~by~ Cupcakke
-Self Interview lyrics ~by~ Cupcakke
-Furr lyrics ~by~ Pink Guy
-Dumplings (borgore Remix) lyrics ~by~ Pink Guy
-Fried Noodles (getter Remix) lyrics ~by~ Pink Guy
-Weeaboos lyrics ~by~ Pink Guy
-Fried Noodles lyrics ~by~ Pink Guy
-Goofy's Trial lyrics ~by~ Pink Guy
-Are You Serious (axel Boy Remix) lyrics ~by~ Pink Guy
-Stfu (tasty Treat Remix) lyrics ~by~ Pink Guy
-Thomas The Frank Engine lyrics ~by~ Pink Guy
-Be Inspired lyrics ~by~ Pink Guy
-Pink Season: The Prophecy lyrics ~by~ Pink Guy
-You Suck Charlie lyrics ~by~ Pink Guy
-Do That Ho lyrics ~by~ Clyde Carson
-Call Me Badly lyrics ~by~ Ilovemakonnen
-Dark Blue lyrics ~by~ Ilovemakonnen
-Line 2 lyrics ~by~ Ilovemakonnen
-Love lyrics ~by~ Ilovemakonnen
-Super Chef 2 lyrics ~by~ Ilovemakonnen
-Paramedic! lyrics ~by~ Kendrick Lamar, Sob X Rbe, Zacari
-Big Shot lyrics ~by~ Kendrick Lamar & Travis Scott
-Black Panther lyrics ~by~ Kendrick Lamar
-Opps lyrics ~by~ Kendrick Lamar, Vince Staples, Yugen Blakrok
-All The Stars (album Version) lyrics ~by~ Kendrick Lamar & Sza
-Bloody Waters lyrics ~by~ (kendrick Lamar
-When Love Rings Your Bell lyrics ~by~ Frankie J
-Courage Interlude lyrics ~by~ Frankie J
-Fy Faen lyrics ~by~ Hkeem
-Don't Know Me lyrics ~by~ Half-a-mil
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