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omg music + lyrics lol
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-Celebrate lyrics ~by~ Lethal Bizzle
-Sweet Lawd (skit) lyrics ~by~ Ybn Cordae
-Lost & Found lyrics ~by~ Ybn Cordae
-Broke As Fuck lyrics ~by~ Ybn Cordae
-Grandma's House (skit) lyrics ~by~ Ybn Cordae
-Extravagant lyrics ~by~ Lil Durk
-Bora Bora lyrics ~by~ Lil Durk
-Prada You lyrics ~by~ Lil Durk
-Die Slow lyrics ~by~ Lil Durk
-Steven Spielberg Vs Alfred Hitchcock lyrics ~by~ Epic Rap Battles Of History
-Zeus Vs Thor lyrics ~by~ Epic Rap Battles Of History
-Difference Is The Differences lyrics ~by~ Watsky
-Ninjas In Paris lyrics ~by~ Watsky
-Wounded Healer (deer Tick Sample) lyrics ~by~ Watsky
-A Hundred Words You Could Say Instead Of Swag lyrics ~by~ Watsky
-Tunnel Vision lyrics ~by~ Cam Meekins
-Don't Want 2 Go Outside lyrics ~by~ Cam Meekins
-This Plane lyrics ~by~ Cam Meekins
-Why Wait lyrics ~by~ Cam Meekins
-Dreams (reprise) lyrics ~by~ Cam Meekins
-The Weight lyrics ~by~ Cam Meekins
-Demar Derozan lyrics ~by~ Comethazine
-Everything Boz lyrics ~by~ Trippie Redd
-Immortal lyrics ~by~ Trippie Redd
-Keep Your Head Up lyrics ~by~ Trippie Redd
-Mac 10 lyrics ~by~ Trippie Redd
-Be Yourself lyrics ~by~ Trippie Redd
-Lil Wayne lyrics ~by~ Trippie Redd
-Signing Off lyrics ~by~ Trippie Redd
-Snake Skin lyrics ~by~ Trippie Redd
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