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omg music + lyrics lol
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-Mr. Fresh lyrics ~by~ Cory Gunz
-Sos lyrics ~by~ Cory Gunz
-Ok lyrics ~by~ Cory Gunz
-My Own Deal lyrics ~by~ Cory Gunz
-Voices In My Head lyrics ~by~ Cory Gunz
-Blue Moon lyrics ~by~ Beck
-Blackbird Chain lyrics ~by~ Beck
-Don't Let It Go lyrics ~by~ Beck
-Country Down lyrics ~by~ Beck
-Wave lyrics ~by~ Beck
-Waking Light lyrics ~by~ Beck
-Mad Stalkers lyrics ~by~ Offset
-Ric Flair Drip lyrics ~by~ Offset
-Darth Vader lyrics ~by~ Offset
-Still Serving lyrics ~by~ Offset
-Ask Somebody lyrics ~by~ Offset
-My Choppa Hate Niggas lyrics ~by~ Offset
-Nightmare lyrics ~by~ Offset
-Rap Saved Me lyrics ~by~ Offset
-Run Up The Racks lyrics ~by~ Offset
-Ghostface Killer lyrics ~by~ Offset
-Disrespectful lyrics ~by~ Offset
-100 Bricks lyrics ~by~ Offset
-Conversations In A Diner lyrics ~by~ Dvsn
-Claim lyrics ~by~ Dvsn
-Can't Wait lyrics ~by~ Dvsn
-Half & Half lyrics ~by~ Beck
-Necessary Evil lyrics ~by~ Beck
-Aye lyrics ~by~ Davido
-How Long? lyrics ~by~ Davido
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