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-La La Lost You lyrics ~by~ 88rising
-Hopscotch lyrics ~by~ 88rising
-2 The Face lyrics ~by~ 88rising
-Calculator lyrics ~by~ 88rising
-Indigo lyrics ~by~ 88rising
-Breathe lyrics ~by~ 88rising
-Need Is Your Love lyrics ~by~ 88rising
-Just Used Music Again lyrics ~by~ 88rising
-Hold Me Down lyrics ~by~ 88rising
-Swajjur Back!! lyrics ~by~ 10k.caash
-Dragon Tales lyrics ~by~ 10k.caash
-Swajjur Blast lyrics ~by~ 10k.caash
-Dip Swagg Dip lyrics ~by~ 10k.caash
-Big Booty lyrics ~by~ Gucci Mane
-Highly Recommended lyrics ~by~ Gucci Mane
-Opps And Adversaries lyrics ~by~ Gucci Mane
-Break Bread lyrics ~by~ Gucci Mane
-Richer Than Errybody lyrics ~by~ Gucci Mane
-Big Boy Diamonds lyrics ~by~ Gucci Mane
-Ballin' Like Shareef lyrics ~by~ 24kgoldn
-Rhinestone Cowboy lyrics ~by~ 24kgoldn
-Games On Your Phone lyrics ~by~ 24kgoldn
-Valentino lyrics ~by~ 24kgoldn
-A Lot To Lose lyrics ~by~ 24kgoldn
-Workin' lyrics ~by~ 24kgoldn
-24keke lyrics ~by~ 24kgoldn
-Larry Lobster lyrics ~by~ 10k.caash
-Irobot lyrics ~by~ 10k.caash
-Gucci Goyard Gosha lyrics ~by~ 24kgoldn
-Swajjurkicks lyrics ~by~ 10k.caash
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