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Can't Get Enough

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lyrics to Can't Get Enough / Tamia

I know you don't usually hear me talk like this
but i got a little game
that I wanna play
Are you ready?
When I think about You
I Think About Giving Myself To You
Cause You Know I Want You Baby and
I Would Do Anything
I Know You Thinking
The Same Thing Baby
So Come Get It (come and get it baby)
I'm So Excited
I Can't Hide My Feelings Get It
I Won't Stop 'til We Start Over and Finish Tonight It's All About My Baby
I'm Feening For You
You Get Me High
I Can't Stop You Feel Me Right

[Chorus (x2):]
Close The Door
Bed or Floor?
I Just Want More
I Can't Get Enough Of You
What I Got In Store
It's All Of Yours
I just Want More
I Can't Get Enough Of You

When I Think About Us
I think About The way that we make love
The Way That You Make Me Sweat
Make Me Want A Cigarette and
I Ain't no Smoking Chick
You Got Me Wanting It So Don't Stop
You Making Me Feel Really Feel It Right There
We tossing and turning
Keep It Right It There
My Adrenaline is Pumping
My Stomach Muscles Getting Tight
Skin So Wet My Fingers Slide Going To Take You To Place
You Ain't Never Been
Again Again and Again
I Want You to Feel It Baby
I'm About To Handle My Business Baby
Make Sure You Handle Me Too

[Chorus (x2)]

Commit Baby
Who's Going To Be First To Scream
Out Loud
I Know You Lose After Second Round
The Consequence Baby
That You Have Switch to The Third Round
And Make Me Scream
Like When I Put It Down Put On A Little Show
To Let Your Baby Know
By Then, I Should Be Screaming
Hope You ready To Stay Up
One Time Is Not Enough
Nothing Too Much, Baby
Just What I Want Baby

[Chorus (x2)]

Send "Can't Get Enough" Ringtone to your Cell

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Tamia Can't Get Enough lyrics

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