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Always There - (Featuring Russell Watson)

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lyrics to Always There - (Featuring Russell Watson) / Secret Garden

Secret Garden
Always There

When I'm less than I should be
When I just can't face the day
When darkness falls around me
And I just can't find my way
When my eyes don't clearly see
And I stumble through it all
You I lean upon, you keep me strong
And you rise me when I fall
You are there when I most need you
You are there so constantly
You come shining through, you always do
You are always there for me
When life brings me to my knees
When my back's against the wall
You are standing there right with me
Just to keep me standing tall
Though a burden I might be
You don't weary, you don't rest
You are reaching out to carry me
And I know I'm heaven-blest
(Repeat chorus)

Send "Always There - (Featuring Russell Watson)" Ringtone to your Cell

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Secret Garden Always There - (Featuring Russell Watson) lyrics

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