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A Soapbox Opera (Live)

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lyrics to A Soapbox Opera (Live) / Supertramp


i want to tell you something;
listen to me,
i'm trying to say, i'm better than you,
i am only what i am"
" we must not stand still,
for the night is coming,
every man, every woman and child,
everybody help me"
i hear, only what i want to hear,
but, i have to believe in something,
have to believe in just one thing.
i said father washington, you're all mixed up,
collecting sinners in an old tin cup.
well, spare a listen for a restless fool,
there's something missing when i need your rule.
well, hey there;
you tell me you're a holy man, but, although i am just a beginner,
i don't see you as a winner.
i said, sister washington, you're all washed up,
collecting teardrops in a paper cup;
if i could tell you what you need to know;
if i could tell you to get on with the show.
i'd rather never leave her,
there's a storm in my head,
makes me hear what you say;
just was it true?
so, what have i to do?
-well, what has he to do?-
+oh, what is there to-oo do+
what oh-oh-ohoh
"all creatures great and small,
all things wise and wonderful, the lord god made them all"
mary, oh tell me what i'm living for,
'cause i feel like i'm tossed in the river,
oh' have you a son to deliver.
i said, father washington, you're all mixed up,
collecting sinners in an old tin cup,
you tell the children what you need to know,
but, will they listen when it's time to go.
oh, sister Robinson, you're all washed up,
collecting teardrops in a paper cup,
can someone tell me what i need to know,
can someone help me to get on with the show

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Supertramp A Soapbox Opera (Live) lyrics

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-The group formed in London when Rick Davies broke up his band The Joint and placed an ad in a UK music paper looking for musicians to form a band. The group was financed by a Dutch millionaire named Sam Miesegaes, who put up the money after seeing Davies play in The Joint. Singing with A&M Records, they released their first (self-titled) album in 1970, and also played the Isle Of Wight Festival that year. Miesegaes pulled his financing in 1972, and the band settled on a new lineup, with just Davies and Roger Hodgson remaining as original members. Their third album, <b>Crime of the Century</b>, was a breakthrough, making #4 in the UK on the strength of hits "<a href="">Dreamer</a>" and "<a href="">Bloody Well Right</a>."
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