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lyrics to Homebreaker / Skeeter Davis

Skeeter Davis

Homebreaker that's what you're calling me
But he stopped loving you before he came to me
You're sayin' that I broke up your home and that I stole your man
But that's not really true I never had it planned
You given me the balme but in your heart you should know
He stopped loving you a long time ago
Remember what he has to face when his day would end
Just another party night with you and your friends
You gave them all your attention and he often sat alone
Neglected and left out of thing in what you called a home
I was sittin' in the diner when you came all along
Why I bet you didn't miss him or even know that he was gone
I listened what you talked to me you had to tell someone
And he cried tears for you now yours have just began
Well now you say you love him but if you really do
Then give him this chance of happiness happiness he never have with you

Send "Homebreaker" Ringtone to your Cell

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Skeeter Davis Homebreaker lyrics

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