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Big Hoss

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lyrics to Big Hoss / Kottonmouth Kings

State of California, finds you guilty, guilty
Although I did them no wrong they laid a trap for me
Although I did them no wrong they dug a pit for me
So let's set and ruin, over take them
Let them be caught in the snare they set for me
Let them fall to destruction in the pit they dug for me
Better get your facts straight, know what I'm saying?
Another day in the motherfucking cell
Hope all you motherfuckers are happy
Fucking sellouts

Now this is going out to Big Hoss up in prison
Going out to Big Hoss
And anybody else who got busted by the system

What's up Big Hoss?
What's up ST?
3 years later, long time no see
You know things just ain't the same since ya been inside
Yeah, they took away my freedom but they can't take my pride
From the Riverside County to the St.Cloud Pen
They said 435 so fuck it, I took 10
Well then, sometimes I sip on my gin
And think about the things we used to do back when
When we was growing up? yeah we were just kids
Still I regret some of the shit I did
The people think this place is for my own good,
But who the fuck are they to take away my childhood?
And leave your baby son with just a momma to mold him
And no fucking daddy around to hold him
But I hold him, like he's one of my own
Tell him bout me daily until his his daddy comes home
I gives a fuck, if I sin for revengance,
I put the face in a fucking fist,
Have them beggin for forgiveness,
Nah Saint just let 'em live through this
Cuz karma's got a way of coming back and returning
Besides Momma don't need another son servin'
I gotta go cuz my time's almost up man
Alright Big Hoss, you stay up
Alright Saint
Cuz karma's got a a way of coming back and returning
Going out to Big Hoss
Moms and Pops don't need another son servin'
Shit, free to the people in power with the uniform

Send "Big Hoss" Ringtone to your Cell

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Kottonmouth Kings Big Hoss lyrics

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