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St. Percy

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lyrics to St. Percy / Brockhampton

I'm the same one you seen in the classroom, aye
We was chillin' in the stall makin' crowds move, aye
Young K still posted in the A like a braid
No chain, ya boys got what make my neck fuckin' bang
Hanging on your speaker, banging on your speaker, baby
Need to find the reason to make you believe me, baby
Young Nolan, Playstation, controlling
Send 'em just to get out my head, and when it is over
Roll over your soldier, no costar
I toy 'em back whenever the storm is over
Send it back up them boys, wanna feel the clover
No closure, never reply to full orders
My nigga so sculpture, such a short quota
Police pull up on me, boy, I kept that cold shoulder
Cop run it over for a hunnid orders
All I got is pennies, still want me to fuckin' flow, bruh

There is no love in the ghetto
Money, money, we are just getting get go
There is no love in the ghetto
Money, money, we are just getting get go
Ooh-oh-ooh, oh, oh

How you do that boy, devil I'm bamboozled, yeah
Legs go up behind the head like leopard and push it huh
Give us space, we gonn' drop, call it Grand Canyon
She goes back, blow a fuse out the damn canyon
Circus ol, okay, roli
Pull a, slide that, pull gate, low blow
Dancing like a dodo, asking for, say snow globe
Slip inside the corridor, make me go so loco
Made you look, I'm silly, call me wild thing
She got strings all on her neck, just like a violin
Upgrade that [?], when that venom sting
I sound better than a motherfuckin' [?], man

Run up a check, mhh, ahh, it's a [?], mhh, ahh
And they keep on hittin', my niggas ain't quitting, they wait 'til it drip, mhh, ahh
Don't get on my list, mhh, ahh, I'm in front of your busi, mhh, ahh
You seein' me rap but I watch how you work, then I keep you convinced, mhh, ahh
Smokin', I mightta got habit, you know we comin', get tragic
Money another made, nigga, we hold all our money in the mattress
For ya, better get savage, takes away all of your panic
[?] how you take bigger pick up, [?], and it's madness

Big boy money like you ready for war
You be talkin' like you really gon' run that though
You be runnin' like the snart dreamin' if we know
That's that ice cream sugar, that cocaine though
And this shit gon' boast like my shit off the dome
And you know these boys, but we ain't fit in a door
And my dogs they bark, Michael Vick
But this shit long gone, why you hit my phone? Whua!

See how full it is, homie
See how real it is

Murder man, murder man
Someone better hold me before this shit gets out me
Murder man, murder man
Someone better
Murder man, murder man
Someone better
Murder man, man
Someone hold me b shit gets out
Murder man, murder man
Someone better hold me before this shit gets out me

Send "St. Percy" Ringtone to your Cell

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Brockhampton St. Percy lyrics

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