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lyrics to Palmolive / Freddie Gibbs & Madlib

[Intro: Freddie Gibbs]
It's gon' speak for itself
It should speak for itself, you know what I mean?

[Freddie Gibbs]
Kane season, fuckin' my pastor daughter in two Jesus pieces (yeah)
Droppin' this blow on the basement floor, my Yeezys squeakin'
Reppin' the fin, I pledge allegiance, undefeated - fuck the forty acres and the mule
They gave us niggas the evils, hot pots, spoons and needles (yeah)
Sold a piece of crack to polices, Mario Van Peebles (uh)
Servin' every prom queen and Pookie with that vanilla smoothie (I was prom queen!)
Scary Gary my nigga, my neighborhood somethin' like Fallujah
Vladimir banana clip, move with Russian collusion shooters (uhh)
Fuck a track, hoe sellin' that pussy on computers (yeah)
Pimpin'll never die, Chad Butler in Heaven chuckin' deuces (hold up)
Trunkin' deuces of hard white fish, then I made a wish (yeah)
A smoker scrubbin' down my kitchen, I'm never gon' wash a dish (yes)
It's Mr. Clean, Pine-Sol, Palmolive
These niggas don't know how hard you ridin' for they ass 'til you park it (skrrt)
In 1998, I sold a Glock-19 chopper
2018, I'm finna reclaim my fuckin' time and cop the Rollie flooded, Maxine Waters
Fuck your poison, keep your vaccines off us (nuh-uh)
We got a reality star in the goddamn office - quite like the Reagan days (yeah)
Fernando said they used to move chickens in the Noriega days (yeah)
I disrespect his name and he signed my face with the razor blade (true story nigga)
Baby Tony, top of the family like Johnny Sacrimoni (yeah)
Choppin' up this block white top in some Yohji Yamamotos (uh)
Whoever kill him first gon' get promoted
Boy I was +Gettin' Away With Murder+ before Denzel fucked Viola
Gangsta Kane

[Chorus 2X: Killer Mike]
Young nigga, dope money, just have at it nigga
Make money, more money, mathematics nigga
But the po-pos, they comin' for yo' money nigga
Play low, I mean low like no money nigga

[Pusha T]
Look, real bars are the ill bars
These scars are the only real proof they couldn't kill gods
My coke hand is still sketchin' out my memoirs
What I did to door panels on them Windstars
Gem stars left cuts in the dinner plates
It's new stash spots, the AC don't just ventilate
Take over your blocks, young niggas assimilate
We all break bread like goin' Dutch on a dinner date
The love of your life rap nigga wear fake watches
The serial number don't match the gift boxes
The bezel on her Ballon Bleu do the Tinashe
The bitch told me two-tone Rollies was too blas (YUGGHCK~!)
Way more chemical than political
PTSD from what I weighed on the digital
It was snowfall and Reagan gave me the visual
Obama opened his doors knowing I was a criminal
I took a risk, I took a brick
Took a road trip to a Motel 6
Get it wholesale and you know I won't tell shit
Ride coattails then he really want that lit
Just another in the mix nigga - I'm rich, nigga!
Tell me, is you Alpo or Mitch, nigga?
Bet it all, roulette, all on my wrist, nigga
Like Cleo +Settin' It Off+, takin' your bitch, nigga - OOH!
[Chorus: Killer Mike]
Young nigga, dope money, just have at it nigga
Make money, more money, mathematics nigga
But the po-pos, they comin' for yo' money nigga
Play low, I mean low like no money nigga
Young nigga, dope money, just have at it nigga
Make money, more money, mathematics nigga
But the low-low, like talkin' to baby mama nigga
Fake rap, tell that bitch this is that show money nigga

[Outro: sample of a standup by Dap "Sugar" Willie]
"I know a guy in my neighborhood, he came home from work one day
and caught his best friend in the hall with his wife
They had all day to go to bed
Pulled out a .45 and shot both of 'em
Next morning, his friend went down to the jail
He said, 'Fred, don't take it so hard' {*"Nigga" echoes*}
He said, 'It could've been worse'
He said, 'What you mean it could've been worse?!'
He said, 'Man, two people dead! I might get the electric chair!
You tell me me it could've been worse?'
He said, 'Yeah baby, it could've been worse'
He said, 'What you mean?!'
He said, 'Hell, if you'd have came Thursday instead of Friday,
you'd have gotten me, too!'"

Send "Palmolive" Ringtone to your Cell

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Freddie Gibbs & Madlib Palmolive lyrics

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