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lyrics to Rackys / Yung Tory

Put three five in the Backy, ayy
Shawty wanna fuck, I got rackies (Rackies, rackies, rackies, ayy, ayy)
I said, I said I put three five in the Back', what?
Backwood, nigga
Big dope, ayy, ayy

Put three five in the Backy
Shawty wanna fuck, I got rackies (Rackies, rackies, rackies)
She got a fat ass, I'ma smack it
She give me top, that action
Bro got a Glock in his jacket (Jacket, jacket, jacket, jacket, ayy)
Alexander McQueen, I got it from Saks Fifth
I got the stick, darkskin chick, I call her molasses
I got a cougar bitch, that pussy was classic
I got a bitch do gymnastics, hop on that dick, do a backflip
And bitch, I flex, I met a bitch at South By West
I just got a big old check, this bitch better show me breasts
She licked me up in the bathroom, she made a mess
I might get a DUI, don't think I'ma pass that test
Ashton Kutcher, you got punked, you got left
Now I'm with your bitch in my section poppin' X
She poppin' X, that bitch say that she want sex
I don't do no drugs, I'm smokin' dope, I'm high as fuck, no stress
She take so much shots like this bitch brought a vest
I just play my role, you savin' hoes, S all on your chest
I'm chasin' M's, bitch, yes, met that bitch on Insta, yeah
I make your ho disappear, with two hoes like it's a pair
Used to work, got your bitch hooked like I got fishing gear
I got bank, she gon' take that shit, I take your bitch and share
I know I said last year was my year but this year it's my year
Tory 2019, drip top clip, put it in your ear, lil' bitch

Send "Rackys" Ringtone to your Cell

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Yung Tory Rackys lyrics

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