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Sweet Haste

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lyrics to Sweet Haste / Earthgang

[Johnny Venus]
Gave a fuck, they told me where to store it
Bitches be drop, they gorgeous booties stick out like horses
A creepy notion, notice the flow is scorchin'
Lower the blindin' spark to eliminate these voices
Can't tell if its heaven or hell, better than sleepin' in cells
Brushin' your teeth with a stick is leavin' the smell
I smile, puff the blunt, leave a thirsty chick in a well
You'll lose yo' hair runnin' through the brush chasin' these tails no love
I'm cold like my toes growin' up po'
Compare us to ghosts 'cause niggas don't be livin' no mo'
A million images but no vision they shrinkin' the scope
And ain't nobody preachin' my nigga we here for the dough
So muhfuck a critic, they just don't know
These niggas ain't got no face
So now they screamin' man get back in the boat
And I be lurkin' fo' a yam through the streets for a quote
Pack my bow like I'm headed on vacation meditatin'
A small conciliation, my niggas ain't got no patience
So they sit irate, impatience
I hope you there that faithful day my heartbeat gets complacent
My people build a barge and push me off into the lake and wish me bon voyage
My shrink be tellin' me I should not think like this at all
And then I told him spring got it's confidence from fall
Feelin' like we [?] got me conquering 'em all
Paranoid report cards
ARs that don't [?]
Packed you brothers packs
[?] feed the cause
Easier wrapped stack then filled up with the gauze
Pretty she 'bout the L well fill up with Nas
And maybe I'll let her put her pretty feet on my loins

[Hollywood JB]
I asked my nigga what he thought was heaven
He said a place where he could crash the six
And probably end up with the seventh
Where he ain't got to keep a clip inside the Mac 11
And he could hit it raw and won't expect a call like
Yo I'm pregnant, I guess he feel that's sorta like a death wish
A child unexpected, won't have him spendin' money on onesies
Instead of throwin' ones on that thick chick named Alexis
Then hop in that new Lexus, do 100 on expresses
How many ways can I express this
Life is shorter than a broke nigga's necklace
And that car you travel in you only get one of
So make sure you don't wreck it
'Cause every tick tock could be yo' last second
So sync yo' wristwatch if you happen to get the message
Sometimes you gotta look in the mirror to answer questions
Sometimes you gotta go against fear to reach yo' destiny
'Cause anything worth havin' probably ain't free
And if it ain't worth havin' it probably ain't me
Quality over quantity, learned that from a OG
Lightin' tree a quarter to 3 in a Chevy Caprice
That was back in high school tryna bag this cold piece
And the game ain't changed the stacks just increase
And now my old worries is now my new laughs
And I'm still tryna turn this old dolla to some new cash
They give me a reason to celebrate 'cause these niggas is so shady
And the hoes is hella fake, type of shit that keep me up at night
What can I do my nigga this is life
And so I write

[Doctur Dot and God]
I looked her in her eyes, promised her paradise
She probably thought I was lyin' and that's why she left me
So now I'm in the land of milk and honey by myself
Feeing stupid, stupid as suspenders with a belt
Dependin' on all my sin to make my virtue cool
Like close your eyes God I know you wouldn't approve
Felt the breeze when he replied like
Damn c'mon dude you know you better than the moves that you put yourself through
I made you brilliant, I made you talented and handsome
And you got the fuckin' nerve to destroy what I built?
Nigga you sick? Is that why you popped all them pills?
You know yo' momma shed tears for the way that you live
At this point in my life, my pride was kinda outta hand
So I hit the brakes parked the whip and hopped the fuck out
Snatched God out the passenger like what you talkin' 'bout
He punched me in the mouth the blood is what you hearin' now
The club just lettin' out with all type of gorgeous women
Goin' home with slimy niggas that'll make his mother proud
And make her father scowl, he wasted his time raisin' a dime
For nickel dick to get all in yo' mouth
But its cool we ain't judging, we ain't' jury, we ain't bailiff
But still it ain't no changin' what we witness doe
And nothin' last forever 'cept the guarantee that nothin' will
Still I bet you niggas don't forget it though
It's funny, how niggas say its funny when they realize
some shit that don't really have no humor at all
And its none of my business what you do with yo' thoughts
But, if I cross yo' mind while you talkin' to God
Tell him my brain's fucked up and I'm tired
Tell him that I seen it all and tell him that I'm blind
Tell him that the people called, they wanna get behind
Some honesty and wisdom and he told me that it's time
I made you the oldest, so you could be Moses
and make the 3rd Testament the next time you smokin'
I made you the oldest, so you could keep growin'
and make the 3rd Testament the next time you smokin'

Send "Sweet Haste" Ringtone to your Cell

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Earthgang Sweet Haste lyrics

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