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Good Form (remix)

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lyrics to Good Form (remix) / Nicki Minaj


[Intro: Nicki Minaj]
Mm, Young Money!
Uh-huh, mm
Yo, hold up hold up
Mm, mm, mm, mm, mm

[Nicki Minaj]
Yo, hold up, hold up, hold up, OK hold up
You see a bad bitch comin through, yo what's the hold up?
I'm in that new new me and new new when I roll up
I told the valet, "Park my Benz and bring the Rolls up"
Yo, hold up, hold up, hold up, OK hold up
He see me lookin pretty every time he scroll up
Might gotta let the blicky hit you if you stroll up
Now put your hands up, it's a hold up
Run me the money (whoa!)

[Interlude: Nicki Minaj]
Cause I be the baddie B, +Barbie Tingz+, bangin body B (go!)
Everybody be, on my D, yo I gotta be (go!)
In reality, suck a D, if you doubted me
Back of the 'Bach, back of the 'Bach, back of the 'Bach, back of the 'Bach (woo!)
Who on Barbie D? Who on Barbie D? Everybody (go!)
Who you gotta see? Honestly, on my odyssey (go!)
I'm the baddest B, I don't even know, how to speak
Hat to the hat to the back, and relax, you in the back of the 'Bach (c'mon!)

[Nicki Minaj]
See, a bitch got more coins than a game room
So we ain't ever hatin in The Shade Room
See, I keep my sons in a playroom
So me and you ain't ever in the same room

[Chorus: Nicki Minaj]
I tell him eat the cookie cause it's good for him
And when he eat the cookie he got good form
He know I don't ever cheat because I'm good to him
Might gotta have his baby, nurses yellin "Push" for him
You see I let him eat the cookie cause it's good for him
And whenever he eat the cookie he got good form
He know that when I'm pullin up I'm in a good foreign
I be like "Ooh he love me, ooh he love me, good for him"
Come on... come on... come on...
I be like "Ooh he love me, ooh he love me, good for him"
Come on

[Nicki Minaj]
I slick slick drop the top like nip slips
So he tryna smash like when the whip flips
I hit licks just to floss with this wrist
And when I leave my bitches we all say "Kiss kiss"
I'm in that new new De La Renta channellin Bugs Bunny
Cause all I want is carrots/karats and some big drug money
I'm only loyal to the niggaz that'll bust guns for me
The jig up, it's a stick up, run me the money (whoa!)


[Nicki Minaj]
See, a bitch get more press than a key pad
Before you suck me off, get a kneepad
See, I pull the strings like a tea bag
I'm prolly with my jeweler playin freeze tag


[Lil Wayne] + (Nicki Minaj)
Barbie (yes?) I think you gnarly (ooh)
I think you fly, these other bitches just larvae (haha)
When you make that ass jump like my heartbeat
And if you let me eat the pussy then it's shark week
"Hello, may I speak to Tunechi?" May I ask who's callin?
Everybody got the juice without a glass to pour it
I want my cake and eat it too, and after that I'm starvin
I feel like Adam but I'm 'bout to eat a apple on you
Uh, Roley on the right side, now y'all on my time
Please get off my dick before it turn into a pipe bomb
Eyes lookin like I'm somewhere outta Taiwan
Faded as fuck as always, hi mom
Look dude, I'll stomp yo' ass out in my good shoes
Be my foot stool
Told my lawyer don't call me 'less it's good news
Then my phone started ringin off the hook, snooze (brrr)

[Nicki Minaj] + (Lil Wayne)
Cause I be the baddie B, Young Money (it's a army)
He ain't into toys, but he fuck (with the Barbie)
(It's the president) Monica, what they call me
Nicki the ninja (Nicki the boss) Nicki the harajuku

[Outro: Lil Wayne]
Ahh, remix baby, Mula
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Send "Good Form (remix)" Ringtone to your Cell

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Nicki Minaj Good Form (remix) lyrics

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