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Rainy Days

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lyrics to Rainy Days / Boogie

[Intro: Boogie]
Nigga I wear fur coats in the summer nigga
Wife beaters in the winter, damn
Uh, shit

[Chorus: Boogie]
I've been thuggin through my rainy days, for days (uh)
I ain't really tryna hang today, today (yeah yeah yeah)
I need changes in a major way (yeah yeah yeah) a way (uh)
I just pray I never fade away, away

Yo yo, aw man
Yo word to the titles so word to my idols and word to the GOATs (uh)
I ain't sayin I like 'em, I'd kill all them niggaz and wear 'em as coats (uh)
Word to the feelings I channel, I lose 'em as quick as a fuckin remote (uh)
Don't be callin me woke (no) I cheat on my queen for a hoe
That's how shit go, she keep sayin we jell (ay) she gon' come out her shell (whoa)
Ain't no pushin my buttons when all of my feelings is stuck on "Oh well" (yeah)
Bitch I'm thirsty and blessed (ay) I pour liquor in grails (whoa)
This for my niggaz in jail, wrestlin L's (uh) that's that +Hell in a Cell+
I come from a place where the shit can get +Shady+, my chances were +Slim+ (ay)
All my women was basic, we see different races since signin to Em (yeah)
I can't send out no message to none of my exes and bitches as friends (ay)
I can't blow it again, need a bitch that's as thick as my skin
Shit, cause


I left my legacy hurt? Fuckin absurd
Like a shepherd havin sex with his sheep, fuck what you heard/herd
All this talk in my ear, I got a idea, like the clerk when you're tryna buy beer (ID ya)
Since on the mic, I'm a nightmare
Fuck it, I thought this might be a good time to put woke me to rockabye
I got the bottle of NyQuil right here (right here)
You want the sleep me to wake, you want "Slim Shady EP"
that's on the CD cover, sockin my mirror (sockin my mirror)
I promise not to cry crocodile tears (crocodile tears)
If you end up shocked at my lyrics (shocked at my lyrics)
Marshall is dead in the water but not that I care
Dre said "Rock the boat" and the Doc/dock is my peer/pier
So, it's unanimous you're at attention
The planet's listenin and their banana splits again, which has its advantages
But when you got nothin to say except for the hand your dick is in
And if your plan's to stick it in Janice Dickinson
Imagine if the Temazepam is kickin in, it's havin you panic-stricken
You're trippin off of tryptophan and tripped a fan in Switzerland
Just for askin to autograph a picture, then ripped it in
half and whipped it at him and kicked his ass all the way back to Michigan
But no matter how many, rounds
or, if I get knocked down in a, bout
and fell to the ground, I got a, fighter's men-
-tality, I'll get back up and fight with it
In fact I'm a-ttackin the, mic with it
I'll make it sound (sound) sound like a vampire's bitin it (bitin it)
But I'd have to be Dracula's sidekick (sidekick)
to be down for the +Count+ (haha)
Yeah... yo
Album's (what) out (yeah) now (uh)
Pow (pow) wow (woo) I don't (huh) see no (uh) clouds (nah)
But ain't gon' (no) be no (huh) drought (uh-uh)
Smile (no) frown (yeah) upside (ah) down (ya)
Shut my (nope) mouth (yeah) how? (How)
That ain't (ah) what I'm (what) 'bout (shout)
Shout (showers) fuck it (ow) I'll, thug it (thug it out) out
Cause (thug it out)

[Outro: Boogie]
I've been thuggin through my rainy days, for days (uh)
I ain't really tryna hang today, today (yeah yeah yeah)
I need changes in a major way (yeah yeah yeah) a way (uh)
I just hope I never (I just hope I never) damn
I just pray I never (I just pray I never) fuck
I've been thuggin through my rainy days, for days (rainy days, uh)
I ain't really tryna hang today, today (hang today, uh)
I need changes in a major way, a way (major way, uh)
I just pray I never fade away, away

Send "Rainy Days" Ringtone to your Cell

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Boogie Rainy Days lyrics

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