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One Uh Those Days

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lyrics to One Uh Those Days / Murs

I can't wait to quit this fuckin job, light up my cigarette
Exhale the negativity and hop onto the bus
I'm stinkin like some french fries, I'm thirsty, I'm tired
Tomorrow I might cuss my boss out and get fired
Sittin in the corner mindin my business
The fuck this bitch lookin at? I know she hella trippin (fuck you lookin at?)
Got nothin better to do than start problems on public transportation
What a pathetic existence; she's doggin with persistence
Uh, this bitch is comin up to me
Girl you don't wanna fuck with me
Waste no time, post up, blows thrown
The shit you gotta deal with in the big city just tryin to go home
What a shitty day, can't wait to hit my sheets
I can't wait to get my car, I'm fuckin tired of these streets
(I'm fuckin sick of this fucking bullshit)
{*snores, alarm goes off*}
Yo, today been hella breezy, receiving hella tips
Next customer in line, I can't believe it's that bitch (oh hell no)
I gotta be professional so I ain't poppin off
But don't trip, I'll put that special in that extra special sauce, hoe

[Chorus 4X: Murs + REVERIE]
One of those, one of those, one of those
One of those, one of those days

Hope I don't go back to slangin yayo
Roll a dollar {?} about to head up to Drayo's
Never had to lay low, always had a halo
Plus I got a bitch to suck my dick when I say so
And aiyyo... the fuck?
This nigga hit me up, out the side of his truck
I'm like, what? Nigga this Mid-Town
Bust a U-Turn if you really wanna get down
Oh shit, he really 'bout to turn around
Hold up, let me turn my music down
I said, "Say my nig-", oh shit he pullin out the hammer
I left mine at home, I was in my pajamas
See I woke up late, realized I hadn't ate
Went to my favorite spot and thought that I would be straight
I hop back in the whip, tried to run the nigga over
Hopin that he didn't see the plates on the Rover
Made a right on Clover-dale, then a left
Parked in the driveway then ran up the steps
I grabbed my piece, hopped back in the streets
I know this young motherfucker don't really want beef
Look, I'm 30-somethin, still down to murder somethin
But when I stopped to think about it, it was all over nothin
So fuck it, I'm about to head to the crib
Then, awwww shit, look who it is!
I know this muh'fucker ain't really gettin tacos
I parked in the red, grabbed my shit and I walked slow
Right up behind him, put my gun in his back
I said, "Yeah my nigga, what was up with all of that?
Fuck what you wanna do, this what you gonna do
Hands in your pocket, keep your eyeballs in front of you"
Then this lady came and kissed him on the cheek
He said "Hi Mom" and then they both start to speak
I said, "Ahhh shit, this young punk
He gang bangin when he 'bout to meet his momma for lunch?"
The line for the tacos was long anyways
So I walked off laughin, it was one of those days


Send "One Uh Those Days" Ringtone to your Cell

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Murs One Uh Those Days lyrics

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