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Can't Lose My Joy

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lyrics to Can't Lose My Joy / Lyrics Born

[Chorus: Aloe Blacc]
Watching you suffer
is the hardest thing that I've ever faced
But I can't lose hope
and I can't lose faith, yeah
In my heart, there's a space just for you
that can't be replaced
So I won't lose hope
And I won't lose faith, I can't lose my joy

[Lyrics Born]
"Baby, can you come over here, please?
Take a look at this and see what you see"
She had a little lump poking under her shoulder
I noticed before, but it look like it's growing
So, we go to the doctor's office
Fingers crossed, it's probably nothing
He lowered his voice, slowly and told us,
"Cancer is the diagnosis" - WHOA
Hold up, cancer? In her prime? At 29?
Wait a minute, that can't be right!
We were instantly terrified
Her face turned white like a pantomime
And I was momentarily paralyzed
Doctor said it like it wasn't nothing
But we hearing this for the very first time!
He goes, "Okay people
Four weeks 'til she goes for chemo"
Held her close, I felt her feet go
Tears flow, streaking down those cheekbones
She goes, "Baby, what are we gonna do??"
At this point, we both crying
I said, "I can tell you what AIN'T gonna happen
Ain't nobody dying!"
I told ya, "Baby, we'll soldier
We'll turn over EVERY stone and boulder"
But in my heart of hearts
I'm falling apart, but I can't show her
Cause if I seem defeated, she'll feel weak
and the beast will just keep feeding
God, please! She CAN'T leave me!
This is me, I'm PLEADING!!


[Lyrics Born]
Two more tumors formed under her jawbone, another one in her abdomen
One the size of a golf ball, the other the size of a tangerine
But we blue-collar artists, gotta keep touring to pay the mortage
Unfortunately, life don't give you intermission during performance
Every single night, she's singing like her life depended on it
It was like her SOUL was screaming, chasing that demon out of her body
Our song set #1 for six weeks, at radio stations
But it's bittersweet cause the chemo failed, next it's radiation
Coming off out of pocket for the deposits and the deductibles
We running all out of options, trying my hardest to keep her comfortable
I'm arguing with the doctors in the parking lot of the hospital
Cause we use alternative medicine, we have the RIGHT to anything possible!
Days away from treatment, we at Stage 4, ain't no Stage 5!
Doctors are all speechless with AMAZEMENT in his face and eyes
He said, "I ain't NEVER seen this in any other patient of mine!
The cancer's disappearing! It's fading!" PRAISE GOD!


[Lyrics Born]
Miracles can happen if you have a spiritual passion
Plus support from people that love you and won't let you leave this planet
Baby, look how much we've accomplished, look how much we've grown
Doctors said we'd never have kids, now our son is eight years old!
I know it's been a minute since you let me write a song for you
It took a while to finish, to relive it was so hard for you!
For all you've given me, I wrote the greatest of them ALL for you!


Send "Can't Lose My Joy" Ringtone to your Cell

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Lyrics Born Can't Lose My Joy lyrics

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