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Off The Record
by KA

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lyrics to Off The Record / Ka

Yeah, dig thru it, man
Dig thru it

These pages tell my life in the 'Ville
Out here +Raising Hell+ with +License to Ill+
This raging bull tryin to get +Paid In Full+
+Goin' Off+, not knowin soft gauge to pull
+Runaway Slave+, +Wanted Dead or Alive+
I hide good, but my hood I could never disguise
Not a quarter, drank +Muddy Water+, we was needy
+6 Feet Deep+ fate, can't +Escape+ like Whodini
On the +Road to Riches+, a driven youth
All my +Adventures+ were +Slick+, I'm +Livin' Proof+
In fact, if life was wax, I'd spin & rewind it
Get your minerals grinded being +Criminal Minded+
Doing wicked acts, no righteous moves
Press this, let's remove that necklace, +Nice & Smooth+
A lot of grit, not a bit of a sweet town
Try to match, catch a +Critical Beatdown+
I'm poor from young, being called a bum
My team was +Branded Nubian+, we +All for One+
No lie, +Doe or Die+, weight out a bundle
Tryna rule so we could move +Straight Out the Jungle+
My answer was +Walk Like a Panther+
Cause +Life is... Too $hort+, and poor is a cancer
+Take a Look Around+, we all repping with the nina
You know, in case a fool wanna +Step in the Arena+
In the beef, we at least taking magnums
So if it pops, I'm lickin shots, +Breaking Atoms+
+Fear of a Black Planet+ so they go in leary
For knots +We Can't Be Stopped+, that's +Low End Theory+
After flips took trips with swiftness
No enjoyment, our deployment was +Strictly Business+
The inf is tight, spent the night on the block
The solution for heavy bread is as +Lyte as a Rock+
Rolled rude for +Soul Food+, totally a threat
Seeds is speedin, needing +Holy Intellect+
There's no retreat, we deep, try devising
Wild so sheets could pile +3 Feet High & Rising+
Raw crew, all true, you heard we blitz strangers
Came wack, got aimed at with +36 Chambers+
+To The Death+, that's how we kill static
For +Reasonable Doubt+, squeezin out that +Illmatic+
We +Ready to Die+, the nights was real
Fam learned +How to Kill a Man+ in +Cypress Hill+
+Bacdafucup!+ My gun a new Beretta
Put us on a hard job, +No One Could Do It Better+
The pawn spoke, born broke, lived in pain
No favors, coke saved us, +Long Live the Kane+!
Soon as I blew, knew nothing would limit me
Be that mighty G from +'93 til Infinity+
+Dead Serious+, with women, we was foul
Had her smokin +Chronic+ to hit her +Doggystyle+
As far as respect, we failed as teens
Was colder, now we older, it's +All Hail the Queen+
Hated we tainted that innocent girl
Rudest bitch from +Most Beautifullest Thing In the World+
Vented the rage like we was bent in a cage
Slow grind, now it's showtime, +Enta Da Stage+
We lustin +Yo, Bum Rush the Show+
+Legal Drug Money+, got much to throw
If I ain't mention this, we was +Infamous+
Now I seek to school, speak +Jewelz+ in his sentences
By margin dodgin surprise of the beast
Connects with the west, but son/+Sun Rise in the East+
I hold a four cause I know +The Score+
+AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted+, my code is raw
+In Full Gear+, is your best protection
Against the llamas, this ain't no promise or +Resurrection+
Write out +The Diary+ this +War Report+
Got +Supreme Clientele+, I give 'em more to snort
Stay obedient, never get numbers as large
Though a +Main Ingredient+ was be +The Youngest In Charge+
My strong plea +All Eyez On Me+, this is precious
'Fore +Things Fall Apart+, I pray your heart get the message

I was donned with baggage
All these psalms calmed my savage
How I live was often hectic
All this is off the record
I was donned with baggage
All these psalms calmed my savage
How I live was often hectic
All this is off the record

(Dig thru it, dig thru it)

Pick 'em up, man
You'll need to dig thru that one

"He really inspired to do something gorgeous
So uhh, makes you feel that maybe you, too, could add something
that would last and be beautiful"

Send "Off The Record" Ringtone to your Cell

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Ka Off The Record lyrics

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