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Honor Roll

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lyrics to Honor Roll / Sonreal

[Chorus x2: Willa]
All my, all my, all my life, I've been searching for that heart of gold
Forget about that honor roll

Maybe this is right, maybe this is wrong
Maybe this is something I shouldn't say in a song
Like fuck 'em, fuck all them haters
Yeah fuck 'em, fuck all them haters
Hey see something generic like that, bring it back hey
Help me God, I've been searching so long
Trying to find something that I can't even pinpoint in a song
We can look into a mirror, pick out everything that's wrong
But can't pick out what we dig up, always feels like we the bomb
I was dropping the ball, think of fuckin' 'em all
Momma look what I done found yeah
Took a little sec. to get my feet up off the ground
I was rappin' in your basement
Smokin' weed in front my hat rack
To go and put that CD-R and hustle out my backpack
Who 'da ever thought we'd do a thing?
[Woah woah]
I was listening to Wu-Tang
[Woah woah]
Writing raps up in my duo-tang
[Woah woah]
Teacher told me I may not succeed but A-A-R-O-N that's me and I

[Chorus x2]

Heart of gold, yep yep yep yep, heart of gold
We can find the time to get it but can't find the time to show like
Ladi da di they like to party
Don't know it but they fuck some Molly
They're something different 'bout you
Something different 'bout we
Why the hell we actin' the same
When your same ain't the same as me
Man I was searchin' for my passion
Momma look what became of me
Look what became of us
Look what became of the C minus student
Who was lurking kinda searchin around for that honor roll
Show up late for class and teacher tell me I gotta go
Fine with me
The stuff you teach isn't something that I wanna know
ADD, ADD, regular is my P-L-A-D
I made the team and I gave a shit
And that made my dad so G-L-A-D
But I quit before I even got the chance to go
And buy my ass some new P-A-D's
Heart of gold but got rust on it
Hey we all just a bit jaded
I'll be the first to say it
But that's love ain't it?

[Chorus x2]

I don't care what they say about us
Yeah for this shit for you're me
So let 'em say what the hell they gon' say
Mofucker ain't a threat to we
Cause we are ay ay better than we ever been
Cause we are ay ay better than we ever been

[Chorus x2]

Send "Honor Roll" Ringtone to your Cell

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Sonreal Honor Roll lyrics

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