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Pat Swayze

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lyrics to Pat Swayze / Yung Gravy

Gym shorts with the Hawaiian
Yo girl got high demand and Gravy be supplyin'
No denyin', that Gravy satisfyin'
Ride off with yo side bitch into the horizon
That beat keep loopin, yo momma keep snoopin
Shoot a boy with the bow and arrow like I'm cupid
Gravy, why yo rhymes so fucking stupid
Bitch, why yo face always look like you boopin
Uh, hoe you fucking ugly
Two arms deep in yo bitch like a snuggy
Started flexin' on yo mom when I rock the huggies
Now I'm rockin' pants and you know my pockets chubby
Pull up in that Volkswagen buggy
Bathin' with yo sister like a little rubber ducky
I don't know how she got so fucking lucky
She pet me like a puppy
Fuckin' everybody's sister like I'm out here in Kentucky

Oh baby, that beat so fuckin' wavy
You callin' up yo girl, she said sorry I'm with Gravy
Gravy known to keep a bitch wet like the Navy
Also known to throw that dick like I'm Tom Brady

Dirty ass beat, that shout out Ocean Jams
Posted in the kitchen with yo mom whippin' yams
God damn, I'm skiing in Japan
I'm like Captain Crunch, boy you more like Raisin Bran
And I'm pouring milk on these hoes like it's cereal
Wake up in the morning, Reese's Puffs so spherical
It's a miracle, like it's Christmas
Fuckin' with Gravy man you know you get the business
Boy I bring the litness, yo bitch a first-hand witness
On a picnic with yo mistress, eatin' biscuits, that's delicious
You can see I'm viscious, a lil bit malicious
But I come through with that gravy
And you know that shit nutritious
Workin' on my fitness, flexin' with the quickness
Gravy roll by ugly people get suspicious
Booty is the mission, you know I go the distance
Yo bitch was very parched , so I gave her some assistance

Oh baby, that beat so fuckin' wavy
You callin' up yo girl, she say sorry I'm with Gravy
Gravy known to keep a bitch wet like the Navy
That's the way it go when you look like Pat Swayze

That's right baby, it's Young Gravy
I like to keep my beats smoother than a
Silky strawberry smoothie
Maybe top it off with a lil booty
Gotta keep a cutie in the jacoozie
I mean it's just my duty
Its just my goddamn duty
Side bitch named Judy

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Yung Gravy Pat Swayze lyrics

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