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C'est La Vie

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lyrics to C'est La Vie / Effect & Dang.

I frustrate myself to levels you wouldn't believe
Everyday, think of everything I never achieved
I know I have the talent, this I know and believe
But when I look at my check, it ain't something I see
Knowing I had what it took and I had the drive
But that drive slowed down with my first 9-to-5
I blamed it on security and means to survive
Still living with my parents, drinking liquor on lawn
At 25, watching dudes making like two weeks
what I make in three months, that ain't in my league
Shouldn't even ride the bench in the game that we play
But they hustled and convinced the fuckin state that they're great
Gotta blob the facade and just swallow the hate
As you should, don't ever take that bullshit to face
Don't let these fake rappers make you ponder and think
That you have to spend X amount of bottles to drink
That you'll just piss out and fuckin puke in the sink
It ain't rality, it's just a fuckin Instagram link
So don't let them convince you that they're actually rich
Or because you scrape to get by, you ain't shit
Question your manhood or the place that you sleep
That roof over your head you kill yourself to keep
The clothes that you wear or the sneakers you rock
When was the last time you fuckin needed a watch? Yo...

C'est la vie, c'est la vie
The past catches up tries to crush your dreams
But dreams are only dreams if you choose to sleep
C'est la vie, yeah c'est la vie
That rearview mirror is a bitch to see
Things look a lot better further down the street
C'est la vie

Don't do shows cause I hate doing shows
I mean shit, I see a flyer and I don't even go
And I know that I'm robbing myself of worth
And that whole ten fucking dollars in merch
to get my name out there more than it is
Cause the people in the crowd who don't know me give a shit
And when you think about the image yo, I totally fit
With my Eddie Bauer hoodie that barely fucking fits
For every record I sell I guess, I give away five
I used to be bitter back then but I'm fine
That ship sailed years ago right off my block
At five o'clock - shit, I waved it goodbye off the dock
Not willing, I'm not to do that shit anyway
I get confused getting likes on my Facebook page
From people in Germany who even know I'm alive
And they called the last record a five out of five
Get even more confused when they want one signed
But I always make sure to take the time
And the fact you can find my lyrics written online
May seem so small, but fucking blows my mind
So I know I'll never be known internationally
And think irrationally, at least I know where passion be
To say I do it out of love is so cliche
But fuck it, I don't know how to word it any other way


Send "C'est La Vie" Ringtone to your Cell

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Effect & Dang. C'est La Vie lyrics

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