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Body Transformation

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lyrics to Body Transformation / Lil Tracy (a/k/a Yung Bruh)

Walking through the forest and then I can't see a thing
(I can't see a thing, can't see a thing)
A shadow just ran 'round me god damn I'm seeing things
Or maybe it's just god in the form of a fox, he do that shit a lot
Now I'm following his footsteps he leads me to a lake
I'm 3-feet behind and his body starts to change
Use my phone for light, then I see my own face
My girl going insane, that LSD's to blame
I turn around and ran down as fast as I could
But it's dark as a bitch, man I'm trapped in the woods
I turn around to see myself chasing after me
My hearts fucking racing it is hard for me to breathe
Not to mention it's pitch black and it's hard for me to see
Now I'm running up a hill and I get to the top
And I looked back down and I see my self stop
Standing there in shock, man I can't fucking move
Wait a fucking minute man I feel deja vous
Scared at myself I [?] my power
Heard a voice in my head and it's getting louder
It said "Yung Bruh become one with yourself, you won't be alone you got the sun as your help"
Now I'm not as scared and I run back to myself
Looked myself in the eye and I felt so alive
I blinked one time and I vanished to the land of my mind

The moral of this story is
You might be afraid of yourself
You might not know what you capable of
But go head to head with your mental fears
I guarantee you'll overcome it man, I did
It's real shit
I don't give a fuck man star trek
Shouts out to all my niggas man
Shouts out my family bro
Shouts out to everybody that's rocking with me
Even if it's only one person that listens to my music man
I'm a do this for you, you feel me?
It's real love

You niggas is some faggots addicted to fashion
I'm something like an elf I'm addicted to wrapping
The world fucked up man we living in madness
I can feel peoples energy when tripping off acid
One of my niggas said I look strung out
I don't eat much, everyday I'm losing one pound
I feel more awake when the suns down
Nigga take a moon pack, put the blunt down
Walking through the night I'm a fucking fox
Fuck 12, fuck the [?], man fuck the cops
Why am I the one that they always stop
'Cause they the devil and intimidated by a god
I might be buying acid, or buying pot
As far as drugs go, I won't try to stop
I'm an addict for acid tappers, and shroom caps
This bitch all up on my nuts, hoe move back

You know what I'm saying, based freestyle
You know I done visited the based world several times man
I just want to let you know it's fucking beautiful dog, real shit

Send "Body Transformation" Ringtone to your Cell

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Lil Tracy (a/k/a Yung Bruh) Body Transformation lyrics

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