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Tek Time

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lyrics to Tek Time / Dvsn

Tell me if my words are getting through
So I can stop explaining
If I'm already good enough for you
Then won't you stop complaining
Everybody needs a little man now
I know
You just pulling me the way we playing
Been patient sitting in your room waiting
Anything good takes time
And I'll take the time to take care of you baby
I rode out there it ain't fair to you baby
I don't want it if you ain't there with it baby
I don't want shit that I could share with you baby
And you're mine
As soon as I get home to you
I take my time with you
With you
I take my time with you
With you
I take my time with you

Send "Tek Time" Ringtone to your Cell

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Dvsn Tek Time lyrics

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