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Carve My Name
by KING 810

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lyrics to Carve My Name / King 810

My mother told me to stop talking about killing
So I promised that I'd give her a song
But it won't be long cause I ain't got long cause I've done wrong
And I feel as if I'm barely hanging on
If you feel like I do and there's hollowness inside you
And you just can't seem to get things right
Your skins too tight and it keeps you up at night
Then wrap your fists around the handle of a knife
And recite
If you love me carve my name in your skin
And you'll never be alone again
I haven't written since they locked me in a cage
I was forced to remember it all
But I won't be writing not tonite we will be fighting
And I'll be standing right here beside you all
I want you to know there's no day I don't think of you
And your faces and our places and your names
And how were not like them we won't pretend and we don't change
And we will never ever be the same
So again
The sky made a face I never seen it make today
And I wished that I weren't living this way
And god knows I try know there are days I don't pray
But till they lay me down in the ground and I fade away
We will fight

Send "Carve My Name" Ringtone to your Cell

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King 810 Carve My Name lyrics

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