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by BUN B

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lyrics to Recognize / Bun B

[Chorus: Big K.R.I.T.]
Bitch, recognize a king in yo' presence
Everythang I touch turn to gold
Rose pedals everywhere that I stroll
Crown got the glow, chair creep up super slow like
("Popped up the trunk, dropped the top on the slab")
("Had ta act bad, had ta-had ta act bad")
The chair creep up super slow like
("Popped up the trunk, dropped the top on the slab")
("Had ta act bad, had ta-had ta act bad")
Bitch, recognize a king in yo' presence

[Bun B]
Well, my go-mode is instinctive
Flow mode is infinite, ho mode is some pimpin shit
Yeah, my word play is intricate
Influence significant, motherfuckin magnificent
And my influence is intrical
Chasimatic essential, fuckin up your centrifugal
With trill pumpin all through my ventricles
Gladiators are sentinels, peep you through the peripherals
I see you pussy niggaz out the opticals
Catch yo' ass when it's optimal, light you up like an Optimo
Got a little legal with a colossal flow
Fadin me is impossible, fuck boy, so you gots ta go


[Bun B]
Bitch, I'm old school like an Acura
Flip flows like a spatula, verses full of vernacular
Creep up on ya like a tarantula
Darker than Blacula, no speculation I'm spectacular
And my insight is immaculate
Name on me is so accurate, ho, you don't know the half of it
We gon' send your homies some fraction shit
When really doe, my tactics is deeper on some didactic shit
I'm just out here tryin to educate
Build you up mayne and elevate, lift you up 'til you levitate
Expedite the shit up to a better rate
Ignorance tend to hesitate, fuck it then we gon' let 'em wait


Hustle meticulous, so concerned with particulars
Hard as hell makin millions and still remain inconspicuous
Bitches be so adventurous, they get wet when you mention us
Even the white was there to hear 'bout it, they think of lynchin us
Government plans, fencin us in, life in the pen
For sellin shit you PUT in our hood, knowin I'll do it
We desperate, starvin and dyin to eat, die in the street
For a fraction of what I get now for a soundin fly on the beat
Hmm, I'm the anomaly, honestly, you should honor me
But how can I act like I'm the shit like wasn't no one in front of me?
How can I not acknowledge all that Pimp and Bun had done for me?
Okay, lesson fella: never ever disrespect the predecessor

[Big K.R.I.T.]
Bitch, recognize a king in yo' presence

Send "Recognize" Ringtone to your Cell

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Bun B Recognize lyrics

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