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lyrics to Ashamed / Lil Tracy (as Yung Bruh)

(It's Baeboyy the mixtape, nigga...)

You niggas should be ashamed...

You niggas should be ashamed, I know these hoes feel the same way
Hop out the Escalade, Gucci Belt around my waist
Niggas calling me fake, just doing what they cain't
Yeah I could fuck her today, but I'ma take her out on a date
Saying you chasing these hoes, you chasing the wave
I'm Yung Bruh, I'm on the come up
I'm hot like the Summer, rolling blunts til the Sun up
Your main bitch wanna fuck, I might tell her no
'cause everybody knows, don't fuck with hoes
I just want dough, commas and zeros
Hop off the plane, hop on the stage
You niggas love to hate

You niggas should be ashamed...

Send "Ashamed" Ringtone to your Cell

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Lil Tracy (as Yung Bruh) Ashamed lyrics

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