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by BUN B

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lyrics to Traphandz / Bun B

Traphandz, traphandz, yes!

Traphandz, hallelujah
I run this shit, Rick the Ruler
I'm gettin bitches, stackin mula
Traphandz, hallelujah
Traphandz, hallelujah
I run this shit, Rick the Ruler
I'm gettin bitches, stackin mula
Traphandz, hallelujah

[Bun B]
What's up, my G? You must be new up in the trap (up in the trap)
So let me tell you how they do up in the trap (up in the trap)
They rep the south and bang that Screw up in the trap
And they gon' sip more than a motherfuckin two up in the trap (up in the trap)
You see them boys is comin down up in the trap (up in the trap)
They poppin trunk, bangin surround up in the trap (up in the trap)
They got them bricks and got them pounds up in the trap
Don't fuck around because them boys'll lay you down up in the trap (up in the trap)
You see I'm from the trap (trap), and I done done the trap (trap)
And boy, when I was in the trap I used to run the trap (trap)
And just cause you from the hood don't mean you from the trap
But if you are then put them trap hands up and thunder clap


[Yo Gotti]
Yeah, I am!
Everything I touch, it turn to gold (turn to gold, gold)
Built my whole career in front of that stove (I'm a chef~!)
Du-Duckin DA and FBI while I was sellin Os' (Os')
Nothin but mini choppers, Dracos, 30 'tendos at my shows (yeah)
I'm a gangsta and I rap for gangstas, this that gangsta shit
Took my rap check, went and bought some bricks, that's that hustlin shit
Yeah, that's that hustlin shit, yeah, you on some sucka shit
Yeah, they don't benefit, yeah, I can't fuck with it
I used to cook up in the trap, write my verses in the trap
You get nervous in the trap cause yee ain't 'bout it, they just cap
Fuckin bitches in the trap, I'm from the trenches and the trap
Killin rats so all snitches come up missin in the trap (yep!)


[2 Chainz]
What's up, Bun? +UGK 4 Life+, 2 CHAINZ~!
I barely made the flight from here to Gangsta Paradise
To rearview mirror, pair of dice, to Benihana extra rice (Tell 'em)
I make them clap their hands when I fill up arenas
Had a felony before the misdemeanor, make 'em kiss the ring-ah (true)
I had a handkerchief filled with dirty snot
Had a dirty Glock, cowards killed my partna in the parkin lot
All they did was watch, them folks call the cops
Yeah I'm from the trap, from the corner lot, mud in the soda pop
Came up out the mud, I was 'posed to rot
Then I switched it up, started snappin like a photo op
Terminator, Robocop, elevate the muscle car
Got a foreign broad just to match with the foreign car (f-foreign car)


Send "Traphandz" Ringtone to your Cell

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Bun B Traphandz lyrics

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