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Oh Its Lit

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lyrics to Oh Its Lit / Fat Nick

[Fat Nick]
Pull up stuntin', do no cardio, my diamonds dance
2-2-4, we shoot 'em, give no fucks, gonna smoke his ass
Rick Owens, toe stepping
Dropping bands, yeah, rich and reckless
I just bought some VVSes, crumb [?] my necklace
Bitch I know to hold uzi hold a fucking hundred rocks
I drink syrup, I pop percs
I'm breaking hearts, I'm rich and bold
All designer head to toe, your main bitch loving me
Snort a roxy, then pop three, swept me off my feet
Tip toe, Margiela piss right on my floors
10K, neck froze
All these hollows, let 'em go
30 in my shit, extended dick, gon' let it rip
I don't give a fuck, piece of shit, just rest in piss

[Lil Peep]
Blood on my wrist
You don't give your bitch shit
I got love for your bitch
I got mud for your bitch
Blood on my wrist
You don't give your bitch shit
I got love for your bitch
I got mud for your bitch
Lil Peep shawty, bitch I feel like Fat Nick (ay)
Lil Peep shawty, I got diamonds on my lip
I got hoes on my dick, I need rims on my whip
Bitch, I cry every night and I'm pretty like a bitch (woo)
Pretty like a bitch on my Based World shit (ay)
Shout out Lil B, I can never be a snitch (ay)
Shout out to the bay, and the south, Triple 6
Yelling "Fuck Donald Trump"
He ain't really with the shits

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Fat Nick Oh Its Lit lyrics

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