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Fuck Up

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lyrics to Fuck Up / Dbangz

DBangz, can you eat my ass?

All this feature money coming in man, I'll guess I'll get a hotel
My flower in the plastic water bottle so it don't smell
These rappin' niggas dads, and I guess I didn't coach well
My card got declined, I'll go peep the local motel
This the fuckin' locomotive cops was looking for a motive
Arizona where I'm posted got me cooking in this lotion
Mixin' potions not the codeine I mean water from the ocean
Got your baby mama wild and now she asking if I wrote it
Not your average Soundcloud rapper y'all supposed to fucking know this
On my last song was depressed I guess nobody fucking noticed
Kicked my nigga SNoT out, on a twenty minute notice
He got the hoes, among my friends they say he rap the coldest
A couple years ago, [?] really could've told us
Black bitches on his dick, skin is darker than a hostess
Copped a Glock, cops blocked, made a pussy nigga hold it
Copped a walk, hit my walk to Costco, munch up on a polish
Like the way that I talk, show respect all around
Stomp a pussy nigga out and plant his neck to the ground
SNoT's stranded in Indiana let's go get him out now
Bitch got my dick hard as the fuck, just hit my line if you down
Wasn't trying to rap for money fuck that minimum wage
Earn my clout by spitting bars and now ya boy getting paid, huh

Murked your favorite rapper, sorry had to do it
Then take your shorty and make shorty put a back into it
Rip the condom off, make a kid and now I'm acting clueless
Let it roll over by your rover and I'm back to coolin'
It's captain ruthless, leave you toothless, make a couple triplets
Let's go and do it don't be foolish cause I'll leave you bitchless
Ain't got a lot if we on the topic of bitches
Off the top I fucking rock got fans askin' for pictures
Better stop, before I go over my head
Got the clover wish [?], bitches givin' me head
Now get out my head, before I forget what the topic is
I'm topicless, Chris Hansen having to talk with some congressmen
Every time I get to the top I start to walk with some confidence
Ugly niggas from from down the way giving out compliments
But I'm a lot meaner now, cause I calmed my demeanor down


Send "Fuck Up" Ringtone to your Cell

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Dbangz Fuck Up lyrics

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