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Struggle Speaks (interlude)

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lyrics to Struggle Speaks (interlude) / (yelawolf

I went through the fire, flames made me pure
Feds were fishin for a confession, I ain't bite the Lord
Took a tour of the country, in a federal van
The light overcame the darkness, in a devilish land
Knowin that a +Change Must Come+ as Sam Cooke sings
15-minute phone calls, press 5 when it rings
Locked doors open my mind to find peace
The animal I became has tamed a kind beast
Attending birthdays through pictures, tears on concrete
Refusin to lose, over the years of defeat
Now I speak the truth, they try to quiet my choir
Been to hell and back, this is "Trial by Fire"
Desire to find the higher power, in an hour of despair
Cuttin out the stitches, yes there's bridges to repair
Holdin onto what's left, tryin to stay right
After the chaos of the night, comes daylight

Send "Struggle Speaks (interlude)" Ringtone to your Cell

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(yelawolf Struggle Speaks (interlude) lyrics

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