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So Woke

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lyrics to So Woke / No Malice

[No Malice]
You either God-fearing or God-damned
I'm just here to tell it, I ain't givin a goddamn!
Whether you believe, I'ma leave that in God's hands
As for me, I'm +Ready to Die+, I wah'n't ever a Pac fan
Ain't a +Hail Mary+ that'll get you in them gates
Nah, ain't no one exempt either, not even the greats
Not even elevators, are we able to escape
You can't take it with ya, not even your estaaaate!
Your money no good here!
Treat the feds like TMZ, ain't nothin to see here
I won't confess to police or to the priest
Cause ain't err'body a +Saint+, Fleur-de-Lis
25 to life for a mere quarter ki
Thanks to Tamir, I know what you pigs think of me
Silly me, for believin my life mattered
Not guilty and that's after we got it on camera!

I'm so woke, I'm so woke
I'm so woke, I'm so woke (What you talkin 'bout?!)
I'm so woke, I'm so woke
I'm so woke, I'm so woke
I'm so woke, I'm so woke (What you talkin 'bout?!)
I'm so woke, I'm so woke

[No Malice]
Why must we all suffer for the actions of a few?
Mind of the oppressor playin God, pick and choose
Bet Dallas ain't know them kinda chickens come to roost
"A tree fall the way it lean", that's from Dr. Seuss
Elementary, like one and one is two
Maybe next time we might just wanna think before we shoot
I heard it was a killing in Orlando
Media playing our heart strings like a banjo
All lives matter, try tellin that to Philando
I don't think they really cared, nobody played a banjo!
Rambo, +First Blood+, we ain't draw it
Slaughtered right in front of the daughter, we all saw it


[No Malice]
How you mad now with your president-elect?
Seen once, seen 'em all, what the heck did you expect
Super predator, workin on your third arrest
Just to throw away the key, how quickly we forget?
Lesser of the evils, ain't that a song to sing
Well I voted for the greater just to see the hell it bring
Trump or Rodham, either way, it's Sodom
Resist or comply, either way, they shot him
Dropped him where he stood, ain't no second chances
Didn't get a trial, let alone his mere Mirandas
Seen it from a child, now you can't undo the damage
So even if they +Sway+ the votes, you ain't got the answers


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No Malice So Woke lyrics

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