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Big Bank
by BIG K.R.I.T.

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lyrics to Big Bank / Big K.r.i.t.

[Chorus: Big K.R.I.T.]
I got big bank flexin on a muthafucka
Ain't shit changed cause I'm still gettin, (still) miiiiine!
Ain't no love for a hater tryna fly me, tryna play me
Nuthafuckas never stop my, (stop) shiiiiine!
Yeah, they see me but they STILL watchin (they STILL watchin)
I got shinin on re-run (on re-run) I got shinin on re-run
Yeah, they see me but they STILL watchin (they STILL watchin)
I got shinin on re-run (on re-run) I got shinin on re-run

[Big K.R.I.T.]
Uhh! I was +1 Deep Creepin+
Caddy on high, my paint never dry
Forgiato, the women, the tires
Makin what niggaz will never get by
Flippin the script on these hoes
Shine up the grill and these glows
Paper dip but never show
'til the parking lot was super throwed
Playas out'chea on game
Pimp pimpin so cold on the hoes on the two below
that we can put out the flame
Of the blue hand of the roof of the coupe
All I got is bands man, who got the change?
Who got the number to the nearest bird that's down
The clucker chirp for the clique, hit the pole
and do a SPLIT~! Cause we bought wings
We ain't talkin 'bout flights
Talkin lemon pepper, vodka with the ice
Spent mo' on Js , lobster, steak and the shrimp
than most gon' make in they in LIFE!
Ain't tripped up, never hiccup from the drank (drank)
Pick up where I left off on the dank (dank)
Flexed out, never stressed out over chains (chain)
Stretched out, get pressed down when it CRANK! (CRANK!)
WOOF!! You hear that there?
I make it where these muthafuckas feel that there
When the rims too big and the road ain't shit!
It make it hard to steer that there
But it's big bank, big bank, big bank, big bank, one time
I wake up, cake up, cake up, then press, rewind


(Big bank!)

Big bank, currency, and revenue - yeah
Gettin to it, all a nigga ever do - hmm
And all I care about is how to get it, no doubt
Big numbers in front of my decimal, check it
Make sure it's multiplying
Is all'm ever I worried about
And slow money beat no money
What the fuck you in a hurry 'bout?
Nigga, I'm saying ...hmm
Stay gettin to it, that broke shit ain't in my plan ...yeah
Sleep when I'm dead, I'ma grind every day that I can
Got seven kids and I gotta make sure all of 'em them fed, by any means
Can't be no excuses (uh-uh), my children can't eat no excuses (uh-uh)
My daughter can't sleep in excuses
My son he see me with no paper like, "Keep yo' excuses" (Keep 'em!)
If yee ain't producing, you're useless, that's why I'm out here gettin to it
Fresh out the booth, I go straight to the stage
Then I go straight to get paid
Hunnid I earned, fifty I saved
My bitch don't be cleanin up, I need a maid
She don't be cookin so I need a chef
Ain't givin me nothin, I get it myself
I'm doin my thang and I did it to death
Stackin them chips, gettin that dough
Millions, need me a couple hundo
Big mansion with a double front do'
Pretty young thang in a new condo
Pray to God I could stay rich and stay humble, damn


(Big bank!)

[Outro: Mannie Fresh]
Earthlings and aliens, gather around, come close
While I tell you the story of fine-ass Denise
And the fo' 15s' in a Caprice
Hittin hard like a disrespectful step-daddy
The thunder god coming up the block
Goin subbin is a way of life
Hugged up with yo' baby mama or your wife
Ride on, sub on

Send "Big Bank" Ringtone to your Cell

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Big K.r.i.t. Big Bank lyrics

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