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lyrics to (((leapfrog))) / Mc Paul Barman

[MC Paul Barman]
Lyrical leapfrog put you in a deep fog
Asleep cog in the wheel, steal like a cheap dog
Reblog all you want, I'll kick a new style
True guile to do miles of damage while you manage to step in a doo-doo pile
I got so many rhymes, they need to overlap
Clover sap at the root to pick my own luck
Struck by the thought that my label's shoulder tap
Older rap is newer, if you know what I mean
I hold a map, in my headphones, rock stereo
There we go where we know, fairy grow barely no
Hairy oh cherry blow, spare me though
There's always something new under the sun
No one does it like you so it's never been done
When I break new ground, take you down
Quake through surroundings, crash land on a snare, cash band
Pluck a bassline - twayye-ang, twaayee-ang, twang
Face flying, mash hand, gas gland, PLCCCH~! Old styles trash canned
Yass man first line is second line like a brass band
Last stand echo (((echo echo))) how'd techno get so let low?
Two in one, new and fun
For the lyrical leapfrog, precognition
Wishing for recognition in two ways:
Clarity and mega-high-fives, when you have A.D.D
Superlyricism is something to concentrate on
Everything else is too easy
You trace the flows' progress like a little dot
It rewires, requires your brain, keeps a unique log
Seek opportunities to go hard as possible
Obstacles include insecurity and bad habits and autocorrect, not so as checked
Sometimes I'm mad, I'm sad, sometimes I'm sad, I'm bad
I second that emotion, it's called a secondary emotion
Elementary notion of confusion fusion, cut through illusion delusion
Intrusive thoughts, elusive slots, tandem, two things at once
I wish an Irish Sheepdog would arrive with cheap grog
People sleep like a log on me like I'm treefrog, in a peat bog
("I put a pot of message in there with a mess of pottage, hehehe!")
We're bugs, beer suds on a giant keg
Fear chugs, iron egg, near duds
It's clear cause that we're ants, mere plants
Deer ticks, fear tricks, weird mix, lyrics
We're barely soot sprites, good night

"Microphone ali!"

Send "(((leapfrog)))" Ringtone to your Cell

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Mc Paul Barman (((leapfrog))) lyrics

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