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Tiger Trap

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lyrics to Tiger Trap / Beat Happening

What's forbidden
Is a treasure hidden
I got a clue
On the trail of finding all about you
Ask for trouble
A piece of the puzzle
When i saw you
So many locks and keys and chains shield you
Two hearts crash inside your bench
When the suffering does commence
Jolly Roger run up the mast
?And the seconds of love in his past
What's forbidden
As been boldly written
I found you
In the tasting core of the sweeting fruit
Confusing reign supreme
When the promises are repeat
Tender hook of the Tiger Trap
Lost on the edge of the treasure map
Cover the wicked ways
The spoils of love renewed
Still im on the trail of finding all about you
?What's forbidden
?As been boldly written
When i saw you...when i saw you (repeated)

Send "Tiger Trap" Ringtone to your Cell

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Beat Happening
Tiger Trap lyrics

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