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lyrics to Plenty / (tech N9ne

[Chorus: Stevie Stone] + (Ubiquitous)
She told me that she new to the city
She got a couple friends, not many
Bring the lime and the Sprite and the Henny
Wanna smoke lil' mama? Got plenty like
(Pick a strain, whatever you want you could get) Yeah
(Indica, Sativa, never rollin plain jane) Yeah
(I know some people if you wan' drive 50)
(We ain't gon' cop any cause lil' mama got plenty like)

So many strains, nothin but flame, puffin the 'dro
One for the brain, one for the body, one for the soul
Runnin with Strange, keepin the party under control
Up up away flyin, how far are we gonna go?
Smoke team in the building, Godemis what the deal is?
Wrek and NonMS comin with Bernz, Felix we're filmin
County boy got the liqour, casa was on a fader
Stevie came with the greenery mixin multiple flavors
Whatever you want homie, tell me when to say when
How 'bout you and your friends come get with me and my friends?
And keep it real with me, girl I don't wanna pretend
like this is a new thing, cause really this what it's been
Like, yah!


[Krizz Kaliko]
Over the top, comin and goin, they ain't hoe-ing
Goody-goody pooty-tat, you ain't even knowin
Handle the bia, bad lil' bia bia
Ain't slangin the D alright, she'll do the D-I-Y
Well leave it up to me, I'll try
Tight Levi's and knee-highs that leave us dry
I never seen a Latina with a mean ass thigh
Nina Nina, of course chino, believe I'd die
Pass it around, we takin tokes in a cypher
Been smokin since I was 2, so that mean I'm a lifer
Nothin I'm sayin's true, that don't mean I don't like her
I mean Mary Jane's cool, that don't mean I'ma wife her
But she told me


Way too wavy, radio don't play me
I don't mind y'all prayin but it ain't gon' save me
I was goin all crazy then I bounced right back
Now I'm porno hard and y'all can sit on that (UGH~!)
Tell that little bitch I got money, ain't nothin funny
And regardless of the internet rumors I'm not a dummy
She bust it over for money, be Godi without a penny
We blowin that Strange moolah, who knew I was gettin plenty?
Got the Sprite and the Henny, a right to be holdin semi-
-automatic weapons if and you press {?} that's gimme
Said she new to the city, we helpin her live it up
It really ain't nothin to it, just let her know when to duck
Like, fuck!


Send "Plenty" Ringtone to your Cell

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(tech N9ne Plenty lyrics

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