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lyrics to Jungle / Pope Troy

[Verse 1]
I've been thinking about smoking my weed (aargh)
Sunshine coming through the window
Praise Hod for the sunlight (aargh)
Thank God for the good grace
There's a good place in the sunlight (aargh)
Revelation, meditation innovated lamentations (uh aargh)
That's what the case is
Dealing with a lot of haters
They make us outrageous
And dangerous to beat
I'm creeping and fucking doping you
Every second I speak
This gospel is over spoken
I over totaled the beat
This is me, forget about me ever
Sounding cheap
Taking leaps through the sky
Judas you should die
Just a little bit of Christ in your life
Will make the judgement twice as nice
Catch up or back up
Blackout or blank out
Do it for my city
But my city ain't pretty


[Verse 2]
Take that, take that (aargh) potent and black (aargh)
Caution Voetsek! (aargh)
I don't want to play with you hater
Motherfuckers I be hanging from
The ceiling like a motherfucking chandelier
I mastered air to master this
From flying fish to angle fish to great white
Motherfucker you ain't never been a liquor fish (aargh)
I handle this
Every little second Ima Slaughter this
Cause Every little second I'm on top of this
That's every little second to not stopping this
I'm hard on spit and hard to get
And hard with this like optimus
It's obvious I'm Confident
While I dabble with your confidence
A little bit of inner consciousness
It's take care or get off of this
Make money or get off of this
I give a duck just get off of this
This is money so get off of this
Right? Aight
So tell these hater motherfuckers
I ain't never Going to choke
I ain't never going broke


Send "Jungle" Ringtone to your Cell

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Pope Troy Jungle lyrics

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