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Middle Of Nowhere

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lyrics to Middle Of Nowhere / Rittz

[Intro: Rittz]
Rittz up in this bitch again
Those who listen witnessin
Uncut dope, I lift a pen
And those who diss get disciplined
My imprint is infinite
Gettin tense and intimate
But when I'm pissed shit hits the fan
(Who's ready for Rittz?!)

This rap game's so mundane, I just play dumb
Tryin to listen to songs playin and what may come
Makin fun of 'em, none of 'em ever was A1
Tryna front like they John Wayne, well I'm James Bond
in my blood-stained tux, people that played me they thinkin they got away with it
I'm takin out my frustration
Finally shedded the dead weight, settled the debt, paid
We done shoveled the red clay, we dug graves up
Got a couple homies that owe me some favors
To show they apereciation they told me that they would bust they guns
But instead of it I deaded it and just gave love
I've been heavily in debt and I done took pay cuts
Mighta been a lot to me, to them it's just cake crumbs
I done been around a minute but I just came up
Hungry for dinner but shit I just ate lunch
At the Optimus, tapas, scallops and crustaceans
Tuna tartare, the way to act above all, like voil
I'm sippin Crown and soda, I would rather have the monarch
Thinkin 'bout how far I came, I'm out on tour
At 4 AM I'm in the bed, I'm drunk and starin at the wall art
I fought off the competition like I was a warlord
I swore I should've blew in 2002
But given a minute I would hit a higher altitude
Then I surprised you right out the blue

[Chorus: Rittz]
The middle of nowhere
People wonder how I blew
Where I come from - the middle of nowhere
I'm on tour, my crowd's the proof
In some town in - the middle of nowhere
You should watch your mouth cause you
might get punched from - the middle of nowhere
It might be lights out for you
You get found in - the middle of nowhere

This your first time hearin me then you should go backwards
Listen to "Top of the Line" and study the craftwork
Then check out "Next to Nothing", that was me expressin
what I thought it was and what it wasn't by becomin a rapper
After that, then play "The Life and Times of Jonny Valiant"
Listen to "My Interview" and study my answers
Then check out "White Jesus", that was me yeah
In the studio after workin a double and my back hurt
Stainin my apron, pourin buckets in the grease trap
Thinkin that I need to try and take a G.E.D. class
Dirty and hurtin for money, feelin like a sleaze bag
Feelings that I had are re-occurrin when I re-cap
People bitin me up in my lane without a Peach Pass
I ain't gonna touch on that, I put on debt
But look I'm next, I took my steps, I stood out
I'm feelin like there ain't no one I couldn't out-rap
But since I made it people wonder why I look all mad
cause I've been tryna ride the wave, I'm in a boat without a paddle
Start to notice shit as I was growin as an adult
It's hard for me to sugarcoat it like a bowl of Kellogg's
They love you for a minute but they quick to say you fell off
But I've been gettin bigger and bigger and bigger
Mistakin me from the beginning, they still be gettin overshadowed
The fans love me and they gonna travel to the


Want bars or want me to chop? I'ma do both then
I'm like a piranha inside a bowl of goldfish
It's hard for you to smell me like your nose is clothespinned
I went and did a show in Minnesota, boned twins
No shit, so lit, no rapper's my match
With white trash gettin money actin high class
High stacks, it's hard to fold the bills
Pockets fat as Jonah Hill before and after the gastric bypass
Chuggin the Zinfandel then I smash the wine glass
Picture my dick, the bitches had to bat they eyelash
A maximum line slash from Dimebag Darrell
Long hair and don't care, I wanna catch the dime-bag
You at the iMAX Theatre 'bout to see me in 3D
Listenin like they had me wire-tapped
Paid cash for fast cars, you had to finance
The scientist inside of my lab in


Send "Middle Of Nowhere" Ringtone to your Cell

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Rittz Middle Of Nowhere lyrics

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