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Only Son

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lyrics to Only Son / Will-broad

[Verse 1]
I'm in a battle with my inner self
Man I admit that I'm in need of help
Ain't nobody telling you just how to get rich
Chinx was right ain't no books telling you the specifics
And I can never be free of my own kind
Entrapped in black skin with my own mind
And I've been told that there's a country full of greater pastures
But with the race of races going on its more like green disasters
And I don't wanna fall into the trap
Drug dealing while hanging out with a gat
And I've never been the type of an automatic
But if I got it then it means that I gotta be a savage
Or they'll serve me up like radish
But this ain't my story
This is a story of another son
This ain't my glory
This is a glory of another one
Shout out to the people on the streets
I know it's hard like trynna do business with all these beats

Only son
This is the pressure of an only son
The pressure to be great cause I know that I'm the only one
This is the pressure of an only son
I'm the only one

[Verse 2]
Grandad started the tradition
Taking the family out of poverty the mission
Put a generation through school
Now my father knew the rules
If you wanna make it gotta work hard now to prove
That it ain't enough
I can't be working for another man
While his stacking paper I'll be meeting his demands
And what he gets to supply enough for you to shine
But you can't be a star cause then you'll see that you are blind
It's a rough cut making sure that you not refined
Show you fake love while they stealing comfort from your behind
And you relaxed with your seat on a full recline
Until they cut you now you stuck at home doing time
And that's another trap
Oh, thought the trap was niggas doing thug raps
Man this system was built to be trapping all the hood rats
And if you looking to be hired you a sacrifice to the cats
That's a fact

Only son
This is the pressure of an only son
The pressure to be great cause I know that I'm the only one
This is the pressure of an only son
I'm the only one

[Verse 3]
Wake up in the morning then I pray to be great
Seeking the guidance and the wisdom to acknowledge what's my fate
If it's then I might turn to selling a little dope
If the music won't make me rich then I'll sell a little coke
Lord forgive me for the sins that are to come
To win in this game gotta be dirty like a nun
Stealing church wine cause she thinks that this is fun
How to stay rich when the system wanna to chew me like I'm gum
And I'm never gonna bow to the poverty
My first amendment is seeking a whole lot of property
And making sure that ain't nobody is on top of me
Your position is bottom so don't you think of blocking me
So please don't be the first of my lobotomy
Imma take out any being that be thinking of stopping me
Blessed be my work that I rise a little rapidly
Protected be my soul on this quest so I don't lose all of me

Send "Only Son" Ringtone to your Cell

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Will-broad Only Son lyrics

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