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I'm Only Human

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lyrics to I'm Only Human / Rittz

[Chorus: Rittz]
I'm only human...
It's hard to count all of the mistakes I made
I'm only human...
Don't have the power to save the day, I can't
I'm only human, nobody's perfect
I've been ashamed of things I've done
I need improvement, I need to work it
So many things for change to come
I'm only human

We all breathe the same air, share the same livin space
Breathe the same from the day that we came up out our mom's womb
Mom's womb... {*echoes*}
Character traits from our parents, we behave how we've been taught to
Identify by a country and a state
And a race, and a faith we belong to
Belong to... {*echoes*}
From our face, what we're labeled and named we respond to
All too innocent until we get imprinted from the images we witness
And eventually resemble what we gone through
Gone through... {*echoes*}
Some people say the shape of your fate is beyond you
Others say that fate is what you make it, I try to do right
cause they glue you up to state when they see you make a wrong move
Wrong move... {*echoes*}
But I ain't superhuman, I don't got a cape or a costume
Homie on the dog food, thought he got clean
Talkin to him, all he doin is noddin out sleep
Who am I to judge him? Hard for me to drink and not fiend
Scared they gonna find my dead body on the boxspring
Know a lot of cool chicks, some with daddy issues
Hard to tell how many men have been up in her mouth piece
Men fuck a ton of women they a certified pimp
When the shoe is on the other foot they holler out "freak"
Like she isn't wife material
Both got venereal diseases, burnin while they piss
Friends in long-term relationships lyin to each other
Never told 'em 'bout the dirt they went and did
Kids actin out, searchin for a dad
Young adults feel at fault to they parents cause they want a college grad
I can background check you, do research about your past
But I never know that person in the flesh cause, yeah


Like the girl on Instagram
tryna show her body off to get more likes... {*echoes*}
Like a dude who got in trouble
cause his girl saw him hit the heart sign... {*echoes*}
Wakin up embarrassed
My manager pissed at me cause I was drunk goin live... {*echoes*}
Last night on my phone doin blow
like it's cool when I know it ruins lives
Several times almost ruined mine, what a waste
Wanna lie like I'm doin fine, but I ain't
Wanna quit before it's too late, pump the brakes
Insecure, I wanna lose weight, but I can't
Cause I drink socially, the only way that I can function
Dissin people in the public based off an assumption
When I should've called and had a one-on-one discussion
Disgusted, I'm cussin out someone that I trusted
Guilty and the glove fit, stuck in a rut
Hit Ignore the minute that my friends called
Last Christmas I was dissed, feelin pissed and I went off
Fuck, I wish I didn't involve my in-laws
Fist's all swollen, giant hole inside a thin wall
in my living room and ever since it's been a pitfall
Really need my family, I don't never call
and ask 'em how they kids are, tell 'em that "I miss y'all"
Can't ignore the insults, thought I had a thick skin
You could just unfollow me, don't gotta leave the ten cents
Caught up in this business and I don't really fit in
Call on my prescription to calm me down like Prince did
I don't got a spotter when I bench press
all the pressure on my chest, lost another friendship
Hopin they forgive me, I forgive them
This wasn't my intention
I'm only, yeah


{"STRANGE, Music!"}

Send "I'm Only Human" Ringtone to your Cell

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Rittz I'm Only Human lyrics

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