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Boy Better Know Freestyle

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lyrics to Boy Better Know Freestyle / Wiley

Yeah, Eskiboy
Right now this is Tunnel Vision
Tunnel Vision
Do you know what tunnel vision means, blud?
Imagine all this stuff going on around you, like
Bare hype, bare bullshit
Bare drama
But this guy's still focused, like
This guy can still see straight forward
That's tunnel vision, blud
Tunnel Vision Volume 1
Shut your whole mouth

I represent Roll Deep and Boy Better Know
Man, Boy Better Know I've got the Boy Better dro
Listen up, you know the boy's got a better flow
Than the average boy from the Boy Better roads
Come to a Boy Better Know show
And I'll show you the power of Boy Better Know
Please don't think I don't do it for the fam
[?] and Boy Better Know
On the roads, if it's beef and it gets on top then
Jason Roy, I'm with Boy Better Know
I run up on the stage like Boy Better Know
Crowd of people make noise when I flow
Throw me this mic show, I'm like "oi, get a show"
I'll spray you up onstage, Boy Better Know
Rah, this is the Roll Deep show
If you didn't know original badman flow

That's why I rep Boy Better Know, there's no better boys
You don't wanna see Jme get annoyed
When he starts shouting "Boy Better Know"
It's not a laugh and joke
So if you wanna play a game, Boy Better go and get a toy
I said Boy Better Know, man should've knew
I never said it by mistake
My T-shirts make more money than your mixtapes
So I tell a boy Boy Better Know it's money-making season
Book a flight to New York for no reason
Niggas wanna buy our CDs? Then I'm selling it
Go to the radio, give out the phone line number
Niggas in Flatbush are belling it
The grime sound, I'm spreading it
I know I've got a big head in it
So you better mind I don't
Come to your show and Hot 97 it

Send "Boy Better Know Freestyle" Ringtone to your Cell

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Wiley Boy Better Know Freestyle lyrics

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